Permanent Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite magnets – or ceramic magnets – have good magnetic properties and are cost effective.
Permanent ferrite magnets are widely used. They are used in speakers, toys, motors, sensors, microwaves and industrial magnetic separators and handling systems.
Highly resistant to corrosion
Excellent thermal performance
Highly resistant to demagnetization
Favorable stable price
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What is the application of ferrite magnets?

Ferrite magnets are used in, for example: speakers, toys, motors, reed contacts, microwaves and industrial magnet systems such as filters and handling systems.
Ferrite magnets are popular because of their stability, affordable price and short delivery time. In addition, they have excellent magnetic properties.
Does your product require a magnet which tolerates high operating temperatures up to 300 °C, while maintaining magnetic force? Then choose permanent ferrite magnets.
In addition to the high operating temperature, these magnets have excellent resistance to corrosion and demagnetisation. Applying a coating of epoxy, for example, ensures clean, dust-free magnets.

Permanent Ferrite Magnets

Permanent Ferrite Magnets

What is the solution for breakage and fragmentation?

Permanent ferrite magnets are hard and brittle. This makes them less suitable for direct application in mechanical construction.
There is a high chance that they will break and splinter under mechanical load. For this we have two solutions:
Magnet assemblies with ferrite magnets.
Ferrite combined with a flexible plastic; available as magnetic sheet, magnetic band and magnetic tape.

How do we ensure manufacturability, reliable quality and stable supply?

The magnetic properties of each magnetic alloy are different. Many manufacturers deliver a quality that does not meet the requirements you set.

Over half a century, we have built up a strong network of controlled and certified manufacturers. In addition, we are IATF and AS9120 certified. We assess in advance whether your magnet can be made and whether the desired properties are measurable.

In addition to manufacturability, reliability and quality, it is also important that you receive a magnet with a stable price and delivery time.

Magnets that:
meet the right magnetic specifications
are high-quality and reliable
are certified and inspected.

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