Permanent Industrial Ferrite Cylinder Magnets

Ferrite cylinders are mostly used in salvage magnets and large-scale magnetic mechanical equipment. Because the cylinder itself is slightly longer and more stable, it has unique advantages for salvage or magnetism.

The specifications of ferrites produced by our company include square, round, circular, special-shaped, trapezoidal, irregular shapes, etc., and can be produced according to samples. All our magnet sizes are in mm (millimeters).

1. The diameter of a circle is generally represented by D (because it belongs to a special symbol, most people use D instead of Φ), for example, D30X5MM represents a magnet with a diameter of 30 mm and a thickness of 5 mm. X This is the mathematical symbol “multiplication sign”.

2. The size of a square is length X width X height, and F is generally used to represent a square. For example, F150x100x25MM means that the length of the square magnet is 150 mm, the width is 100 mm, and the thickness is 25 mm. Generally, the last number by default indicates the magnetization direction of the square magnet. That is, magnetization in the height direction. NS is on the two largest faces, which are 150×100 faces.

3. The size of the ring is expressed as the outer diameter DX inner diameter DX height. For example, the ring magnet of D60XD32X15 indicates that the outer diameter is 60 mm, the inner diameter is 32 mm, and the height is 15 mm. Height is also called thickness. At present, the ring is also divided into straight holes and countersunk holes. The holes of the straight holes are punched vertically, while the countersunk holes are divided into large holes and small holes, as well as the depth of large holes and small holes, which are commonly known as screw holes.

If you need to customize ferrite magnets, please contact our customer service and explain the size, performance, quantity, tolerance requirements, magnetization direction, etc. you need to customize. We will customize the production according to your requirements.

Permanent Industrial Ferrite Cylinder Magnets

Permanent Industrial Ferrite Cylinder Magnets

High-Quality Ceramic Ferrite Industrial Magnets
Permanent ferrite magnets are also known as ceramic magnets. The first development of ferrite magnets started in the 40’s, but they have been available in the market since the 50’s.

They are obtained from iron oxides and from strontium or barium carbonate: these raw materials are plentiful on Earth, so availability of ferrite is rather high. The raw materials are mixed together, granulated, and thermally treated to get finally to the hexaferrite phase (SrFe12O19 or BaFe12O19). This granulate is then ground to a powder and strong permanent ferrite magnets are produced through a sintering process.

The Production of Permanent Ferrite Magnets
Pressing is performed under magnetic field (to maximize anisotropy of the magnet) or not (isotropic magnets) and can be wet or dry; finally, the product is sintered in an oxidizing atmosphere. Our magnets are available in both oriented (anisotropic) and non-oriented (isotropic) grades.

The great change of permanent ferrite magnets, which makes these magnets very common still today, was not the high remanence or high energy product but a reversible behavior of B versus H in the 2nd quadrant of the hysteresis loop.

The 2nd quadrant is the part of the hysteresis loop where magnets usually “work” in a device, that is where they supply energy to perform a reversible B versus H loop. This means that in such part of the loop the magnet can be partially re-magnetized or demagnetized, which usually occurs in a device without losing properties. It can be now understood the reason of ferrite success in the 50’s when only Alnico magnet, with its strongly reversible behavior, was predominant in industry.

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