Permanent lift magnets are made for lifting and moving metal of all various shapes and sizes. These magnets speed up the process of moving heavy metallic objects by eliminating the need for more time consuming methods such as chain lift systems.

Their electricity free design means that your load will stay in place even in the event of a power failure, and due to their slim design, the mounting and moving of these magnets systems is done without problem. These systems allow for simple weight engagement and disengagement via the simple turn of a lever.

Permanent Lift Magnets

Permanent Lift Magnets

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permanent lift magnets systems feature the highest quality neodymium rare earth magnets, and have been designed and tested to handle any industrial application. Load activation comes via a simple turning handle that features a locking mechanism to ensure that the suspended load stays that way until disengagement by the operator. Due to the electricity free design of these magnetic lifters, moving ferrous materials becomes an exceedingly low cost task. Maximum breakaway force is three times the flat surface lifting capacity on all models. Permanent lift magnets

MPCO Part Number Width-(IN) Length-(IN) Height-(IN) Weight-(LBS) Flat Capacity-(LBS) Round Capacity-(LBS)
MPCO-PLM-100 2.7 6.10 5.4 9 250 125
MPCO-PLM-101 3.6 8.40 7.3 24 800 400
MPCO-PLM-102 4.8 11.8 9.8 59 1600 800
MPCO-PLM-103 6.9 14.10 11.7 139 2500 1250
MPCO-PLM-104 9.2 18.8 16.0 180 4400 2200