Permanent Magnet Motors Project High-Performance Control Method, High-Performance Control Method For Permanent Magnet Motors Project Wins Special Gold Award At Geneva International Invention Exhibition

Tsinghua University Department of Electrical Engineering Professor Xiao Wei’s research group “High-Performance Control Method for Permanent Magnet Motors” received a special gold medal (Gold Award and was specially recommended by the Jury) at the 46th Geneva International Invention Exhibition held on April 11-15.

Permanent Magnet Motors Project

Permanent Magnet Motors Project

The permanent magnet motor control system has a wide range of applications. Because of the high-order nonlinear characteristics of the system model, as well as the strong coupling of electrical, magnetic and thermal fields and multiple physical factors brought about by various types of complex conditions, how to achieve high performance of the system and High-reliability operation is an important difficult problem currently facing, and it is also an important technological bottleneck restricting the development of many industries.

To this end, the project aims at the actual needs of industrial automation equipment such as industrial robots and CNC machine tools, and conducts research on high dynamic response, high reliability, and high-precision control of AC motors.

The main results of the project include:

A set of methods and strategies for incremental predictive control of AC permanent magnet motors are proposed. The theoretical analysis and optimal design methods of the control system are presented. The dynamic response speed of the torque and the stability of the system can be improved.

Aiming at the extremely low speed control of the motor, a set of position and velocity low-delay sampling, filtering algorithm and interpolation prediction method are proposed, which can effectively reduce the velocity and position measurement delay, and improve the speed and position control accuracy;

Aiming at the problem of permanent magnet motor loss, a dynamic observation method based on extended Kalman filter is proposed from the perspective of motor control. It can realize dynamic on-line monitoring, analysis and optimal control of permanent magnet motor magnetic field changes.

Achievements Through the cooperation between Tsinghua University and related companies, the high-performance motor control system developed has been widely used in robots, machining centers and various industrial automation equipment. The user units include more than 20 electric drive equipment companies at home and abroad.

Typical application cases include: Localization of key technologies for multi-axis servo control is achieved in multi-joint robots, and it has begun to occupy a significant market share; motor-driven high-voltage circuit breakers based on high dynamic response algorithms fill the gaps in the domestic industry, and Achieved the first set of successful operation in China.