Permanent Magnetic Lifters – China Magnetic Lifter Manufacturers

“MPCO” brand permanent magnetic lifters are compact in design. Our designs are more parallel to international products. The self-contained permanent magnet maintains its holding power indefinitely. Magnets used in our lifters are of high standards.

These lifters does not require any external electric supply so no hanging wires and switches. The field of the permanent magnet is controlled by the “ON – OFF” position of the safety handle.

Permanent Magnetic Lifters

Permanent Magnetic Lifters

There is no danger of accident due to failure of electric supply. Lifting magnets require good surface conditions to achieve maximum lifting. Ground or machined surfaces are ideal, but a good clean surface or a forging or casting is acceptable provided sufficient flat area is available for magnet contact with work piece. Recommended lifting capacity is for flat, ground clean ferrous plates de-rated by a factor of three.

The safety factor is required due to such variables as surface condition, contact area, alloy content and material thickness and may need to be increased if conditions are particularly adverse.

Every permanent magnetic lifter comes along with third party inspection report.
Higher lifting capacity is available on request.
Factor of safety is 1: 3
Always ensure the cleanliness of the contact surface of both lifter and the material to be lifted.
No electrical supply is needed due to permanent magnets.