Polished Round Shape Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite Magnets Main categories: Anisotropically Oriented Ferrite magnet, Isotropically Oriented Ferrite magnet

Performance classification: Y10T, Y25, Y30, Y30BH, Y35, Y40

Difference: Isotropical ferrite has weaker magnetic force than Anisotropical ferrite

Main materials: iron red (Fe2O3) auxiliary materials boric acid, quicklime, SrO, lanthanum cobalt

Physical properties: black wire is hard and brittle, and its magnetic properties are lower than that of NdFeB magnets

Advantages: Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, simple production process and low price, are widely used in modern industrial production

Polished Round Shape Ferrite Magnets

Polished Round Shape Ferrite Magnets

In order to adapt to the rapid development and the increasingly fierce market competition, the free-form surface structure has been widely used in the development of products in the high-tech field, and the requirements for the surface accuracy and surface quality of the surface are also getting higher and higher. Polishing technology as a precision and ultra-precision component processing The last process of the workpiece restricts the surface quality, accuracy and the entire processing cycle of the workpiece. For the free-form surface structure, the current mainstream polishing technologies such as chemical mechanical polishing, CNC small grinding head polishing, airbag polishing and so on have polishing tools that cannot be highly attached to the free-form surface workpiece. The high performance requirements of the equipment lead to high price and other problems. In a comprehensive comparison, the magnetic polishing technology can completely match the surface of the free-form surface workpiece because the polishing tool is a flexible magnetic cluster, and the surface quality of the workpiece is good, and it is not conducive to the performance and accuracy of the equipment. The requirements are not high and the cost is reasonable, so it is suitable for the precision machining of free-form surface structures. This paper is based on the research on the basic process laws of magnetic polishing technology, and at the same time, the experimental research on the application of micro-structured free-form surfaces is carried out.

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