Powerful Magnets Application In Valves

Powerful magnets have certain application in valves. They mainly include switch type and proportional type. Among them, switch type powerful magnets are mainly used for reversing control valves, unloading and loading of the system, etc. The proportional powerful magnet is mainly installed on various proportional valves and is often used to control the direction, pressure and flow of the liquid flow. Many proportional pressure valves are installed on the electronically controlled variable pump to control the flow and direction of the pump.

In addition, the proportional strong magnet also has the characteristic that the electromagnetic force within its stroke remains almost unchanged, which can be distinguished from the ordinary switch-type strong magnet. In addition, the main characteristic of this attraction is formed by the special shape of the working air gap and the guidance of the magnetic force of the permeable magnet. The difference between switch-type and proportional-type strong magnets is not entirely dependent on the strong magnet itself. When the proportional-type strong magnet is at the maximum current, it is already equivalent to the switch-type strong magnet, while the switch-type strong magnet is at the same time at different currents. Different thrust will also be produced.

The performance indicators of powerful magnets mainly include applicable voltage (current), push (pull) force and stroke.

Powerful Magnets Application In Valves

Powerful Magnets Application In Valves

Magneti Neodim Strong Magnets for filters magnetic separators

Features of Magneti Neodim Strong Magnets
●Material: Neodym magnet,Filtermagnet,NdFeB magnet
●Specification: Customized as per client’s design
●Grade: N50 Mgenerator magnet
●Max. Working Temp.: 100°C
●High performance and cost effective
●Fast delivery and great service
●OEM supported

Advantages of Strong Magnets
1.High coercive force and High Consistency
The Cpk of Remanence (Br) and Intrinsic Coercive Force (Hcj) are much higher than 1.67. The consistency of the surface magnetic field and magnetic flux can be controlled at +/-1%.
2. Low Temperature Coefficiency:
Reversible Temperature Coefficients Br<-0.1%ºC-1,Hcj<-0.45%ºC-1;
3. Low Weight Loss:
The weight loss to corrosion resistance≤2.0mg/cm2(130ºC, 0.26Mpa, 95%RH, 20days)
4. High Anti-corrosion:
In Salt- Spray testing, Nickel-Copper-Epoxy coating is typically more than 1000 hours.

Notice About Powerful Magnets Storing

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