Radiation Ring Magnet

Sintered NdFeB magnetic ring is a new product developed in recent years. It is mainly used in high-performance permanent magnet motors and sensors. In the application of permanent magnet motors, sintered NdFeB magnetic tiles are usually bonded into a ring, which has natural disadvantages:

Since the processing of the tile-shaped magnet belongs to special-shaped processing, the limitation of the processing accuracy of the angle, inner and outer surfaces, etc., makes the dynamic balance of the spliced magnetic ring poor, and the transition area between the magnetic poles formed is large, which makes the motor generate noise and vibration.

After installation, the rotor has been magnetized, which increases the difficulty of manual grinding, greatly increases the amount of labor, and significantly increases the installation cost.

Radiation Ring Magnet

Radiation Ring Magnet

The radiation magnetic ring is an integral magnetic ring, which can maintain the consistency of size after processing, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of the motor and improve the stability of the motor. Since the inner and outer surfaces of the entire magnetic ring can be radiated and magnetized at a certain angle, and the transition area between the magnetic poles is small, the performance of the motor can be significantly improved. The surface magnetism of the multi-stage magnetic ring is distributed in the form of a sine wave. The ultra-high magnetic field can greatly improve the efficiency of the motor, and make the motor lighter and smaller.

The magnetization method and size of the radiation ring

The sintered NdFeB magnetic ring has a variety of magnetization methods, and can be used for single-pole magnetization and multi-stage magnetization according to needs.

The size elements of the radiation magnetic ring include outer diameter, inner diameter and height. According to the outer diameter and wall thickness (ratio of inner and outer diameters), the radiation ring can be classified as follows:

outer diameter

The outer diameter below 49mm is called ultra-small diameter ring

The outer diameter of 50~99mm is called small diameter ring

The outer diameter of 100~149mm is called the middle diameter ring

The outer diameter of 150~199mm is called large diameter ring

Super large-diameter rings with an outer diameter of 200mm or more

wall thickness

Thick-walled rings with a ratio of inner and outer diameters less than 0.7

Thin-walled rings with a ratio of inner and outer diameters greater than 0.9

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