Rare Earth Sintered Neodymium Multipole Ring Magnets

Radial ring sintered magnet, a neodymium magnet manufactured, and its magnetic fields could be aligned in different directions then “normal” neodymium ring magnets. Under the manufacturing process several different magnetic fields can be created in a single ring, and in several directions. Radial neodymium rings makes it possible to create sophisticated magnetic applications in an unusual way. The classic design of magnetic rotors, for example, is being made by placing arc segments magnets on a ring, while each segment is magnetically aligned (north or south) in the opposite direction to the next magnet. With sintered radial rings, it is possible to create the opposite magnetic fields (4, 8 and more circular multi poles magnets) in a single magnet, in the same process. It is not possible in any other technology.

Rare Earth Sintered Neodymium Multipole Ring Magnets

Rare Earth Sintered Neodymium Multipole Ring Magnets

Item Name NdFeB Magnet
Materials Neodymium magnet
Dimension Customized according to customer’s request
Shape Disc, Round, Rod, Bar, block, ring, arc etc.
Density 7.5(g/cm3)
Material Grade N35-N54,N35M-N52M,N33H-N50H,,N33H-N50H,N33SH-N48SH,N30UH-N45UH,N28EH-N38EH
Specification 1.Made by mixed by neodymium iron boron powder, though the method of Strip casting, hydrogen decrepitation, Jet milling, pressing, Isotatic pressing, sintering, grinding,slicer,surface treatment to get it
2.The most powerful magnets available and could be directly made into various of complex shapes
3.Precise dimension
4.high performance
5.Uniform magnetism
6. Easy to be oxidized(coating Zinc,Nickel,Epoxy, Gold and so on)
7.Volume production
Packing Carton or Pallets
Certification SGS
Lead-time 7-25 days according to the order

The advantages of radial sintered magnets are significant:
Radial Rings measure up to 150mm in diameter.
Radial sintering assures no “weak spots”.
Magnets are multi-poled – ring does not compromise the magnetic properties.
Magnetizing radially makes for a super strong magnet.

Magnetic bearings
Magnetic clutch
Peripheral motors
Spindle motors
Steering control motors
Stepper motors
Other new products

Precision of geometry
Variety of magnetic configuration
Homogeneous distribution of magnetic field
Design and assembly simplification
Precision of motor performances
Cost efficiency
Huge marketing potential

Sizes and shapes of magnets can be customized:
Maximum outside diameter is 60 mm
Minimum inside diameter is 25 mm
Maximum wall thickness is 7 mm
Minimum wall thickness is 2 mm
Maximum length is 25mm (for small thickness – 15)
Tolerances: mostly +/- 0.1 mm

Surface treatment:
These magnets can be covered by any available coatings,
like usual two-pole magnets (NiCuNi, Ni, Zn, epoxy etc.)

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