Ceramic Round Disc Flat Ferrite Crafts Magnets for Refrigerator Buttons Hanging Tools DIY Hobbies School Science Projects Teachers Home Office Pictures Whiteboard Bottle Caps Magnets

MULTIPURPOSE PREMIUM SMALL MAGNETS IN HIGH QUALITY REUSABLE PLASTIC CASE: These Ceramic Magnets are just the right size and strength for a range of uses, Great for all Home, Office, Craft, Hobby, School Science Fair Projects and Product Manufacturing applications. Ceramic Magnets are perfect for glass gems, mirrors, for making your own refrigerator magnets, bottle cap magnet Crafts, small signs, magnetic buttons, Magnet Pictures, Whiteboard Magnets, Any DIY project and more others.

Round Disc Flat Ferrite Crafts Magnets

Round Disc Flat Ferrite Crafts Magnets

CAN BE GLUED ON TO ANY SURFACE WITHOUT SCRATCH: Round Disc Ceramic Magnets are receptive to most adhesives including hot glue, E6000, Goop, Bond 527, Liquid Nails, 2 part epoxies and more. The possibilities are virtually endless!

ISO 9001 HIGHEST STANDARD QUALITY FACTORY: Cross China Round Disc Ceramic Magnets made out of a premium quality ferrite blend under severe ISO 9001 specifications. RESISTANCE TO THERMAL STRESS: Magnets can be used at fairly high temperatures, although their magnetic properties drop with temperature. At 175° C (350° F), approximately 75% of their room temperature magnetic properties are retained.

HEAVY DUTY STRONG POWER FORCE & PRACTICAL SIZE: Diameter 0,709″ (18mm) & Small Thick 0.197″ (5mm). The Power Force is 3000 Gauss, Grade 5. RESISTANCE TO CORROSION & OXIDATION: Magnets are made by the pressing and sintering of a powdered mixture of strontium and iron oxide.

120 MAGNETS IN HIGH QUALITY REUSABLE WATER RESISTANT & DUSTPROOF PLASTIC STORAGE CASE: Magnets are contained in a clear premium plastic case, It can keep magnets tidy and case not easy out of shape. The case protect magnet from water and dust for your next project. SAVE YOUR MONEY WITH OUR 120 MAGNETS OF SPECAIL PACKAGE DEAL! ALSO WE OFFER 100% QUALITY & WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEE! AND NO HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE