Sandwich Assembly Magnets take ceramic magnets and place a steel armature on each side of the magnet. By configuring the magnet in this way, pull strength can be multiplied by up to 32 times by using steel armatures to concentrate magnetic flux. Such armatures may take the form of backing plates, channels or cups. The maximum increase in power is obtained when magnets are sandwiched between two plates. For example: A 0.187″ thick x 0.750″ wide x 1″ long rubber magnet has 4 oz. of pull strength. The same magnet sandwiched between two plates (assembly) will pull 8 Ibs.—32 times more than the magnet alone!



Many of these assemblies use ceramic magnets which may break if dropped or mishandled. Please handle with care. Sandwich Magnet Assemblies, Industrial Magnets.

PULL is tested on a flat steel ground plate 1/2″ thick. If your steel is thinner, coated, or has a rough or rusty surface, the pull may vary.

Other sizes and finishes can be manufactured to your specifications. All sandwich assemblies are also available in a tough, black powder coat finish. Black vinyl coating is also available if your application should require it.

Depending on your needs, the steel plates can be permanently affixed or held on by the sheer strength of the magnet.

Additionally, a through hole or holes can create a space to easily attach a line for hanging a sign or a post to connect other part direct to the magnet.

Call us to learn what standard magnetic sandwich assemblies we have in stock and what can be achieved through special orders. Using various design configurations, we can even provide large assemblies that use multiple ceramic magnets.

Common Applications: POP Display Components – Latches – Fixturing.

Two Plated Steel Permanent Sandwich Magnet Assemblies

Ceramic Latch Magnetic Sandwich Assembly Magnet

Channel Sandwich Magnetic Assembly Ferrite Magnet with 3 Holes

Channel Sandwich Magnetic Device withnot Hole

Two Pole Flange Magnetic Sandwich Assemblies