At MPCO Magnet, we offer flexible solutions to meet your unique needs. Ask about our in-stock selection of sandwich assembly magnets or request a special order tailored to your requirements. We’re committed to understanding your specifications and providing you with quality products at affordable prices.

Our sandwich assembly magnets consist of a ceramic magnet in between two steel armatures. This design concentrates the magnetic flux and increases the pull strength of the magnet up to 32 times compared to the original. We use a range of channels, cups and plates to create armatures, but plates offer the maximum amount of power. SANDWICH ASSEMBLY MAGNETS

Let’s say we have a magnet with a 4-ounce pull strength that’s 0.187 inches thick and 0.750 inches wide. When you place that magnet between two plates, its pull strength increases to an incredible 8 pounds. The same magnet has 32 times the pull strength when sandwiched between plates, making it useful for more industrial applications.




Our magnet assembly options come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. We have design configurations to match your specifications, and we can also use two or more ceramic magnets to manufacture larger assemblies. Choose your desired size and finish, and we’ll manufacture the perfect product to order. Our magnetic sandwich assemblies are available in durable black powder or vinyl coat finishes.

Our customizable options also extend to the attachment of the steel plates. While the magnet’s strength is enough to hold the steel plates together, you can also choose to have them permanently attached. Additional choices include making holes in the plates to easily connect a line or other item directly to the magnet.

If you’re unsure which product would best meet your needs, our dedicated team is always available to offer guidance. We’ll discuss your application and help find the product that matches your requirements.


Sandwich assembly magnets are powerful and low-cost, making them ideal for a range of applications. The strength of these magnets makes them perfect for affixing items in a display case or holding metal objects in place. There are countless industrial and commercial uses for sandwich magnets. You can also use them as:

Channel letter fasteners
Cabinet door latches
Point of purchase (POP) display components
Object fixtures
Please note that we conduct our pull tests with a flat steel plate that’s 1/2 inch thick. Your pull strength may vary if your steel is rough, thin or rusty. Although these assemblies are strong, the ceramic magnet may break if you drop or mishandle it.


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