SCRAP HAN­DLING MAGNET FOR SCRAP HANDLING Electrically switched electro lifting magnet


Ideal for demanding continuous use in scrap yards and other metal-working operations: Magnet plates and scrap magnets can be efficiently used with the hydraulically driven generator for material handlers. The generators and the respective machine’s hydraulics are closely aligned to each other to achieve maximum efficiency levels.

Different magnet loads available depending on machine type
Ideal mass distribution, robust design
Ideally suited to cleaning and handling tasks in scrap yards and steelworks

Type of commutation
electrically switched
for materials handlers, for scrap metal
Lifting force
Max.: 790 kN
Min.: 260 kN



If you order any of MPCO lifting magnet products the first time, we will call you before shipment.

Normally we request customers who need lifting magnets to fill our “Lifting Application Form” in order to understand their actual lifting applications and therefore are able to help them select a right model of lifting magnets before they place a purchasing order.

But sometimes customers place orders for lifting magnets immediately at the Lifting Magnets Overview page or at a B2B platform website which lists MPCO lifting magnets for sale. In such cas, we have no chance in advance to know the conditions the lifting magnets ordered would be used for and not sure if the lifting magnets would be best suitable for the lifting job.

This would a serious problem!

There is a misconception of the rated lifting magnet capacity. The lifting capacity of PML-660B, for example, is 660 lbs for flat steel plate only under the following conditions:

The plate is more than 1” thick.
The plate is flat and clean, no debris, no rust, no paint, no burrs, etc.
The plate is low Carbon steel, etc.
If the plate is thinner than 1”, and/or the plate is too long, and/or the surface of the plate is not flat, it is dirt or painted, and/or the plate is middle or high Carbon steel, and/or the work temperature is much higher than normal environment, the lifting capacity of PML-660B should be much less than 660 lbs.

For selecting best suitable lifting magnets, refer to our lifting magnets technical data section.

Now we phone customers who place orders on MPCO lifting magnets for the first time before shipping the lifting magnet devices to them. We would discuss with the customer about the details of the workpieces to be lifted and other lifting conditions over the phone. Then we ship the ordered lifting magnets out if we think they are good for their use. If we think that their ordered item cannot ensuring the highest lifting magnet safety for their use, we would suggest them cancel their order and recommend other models of lifting magnets.

Of course, we don’t call customers who have purchased MPCO lifting magnets in the past and are experienced in using lifting magnets. We trust that these customers understand how much the actual conditions would reduce the rated lifting capacity, and so that a phone call like above wouldn’t be necessary.

Other services for MPCO lifting magnets include repairs, parts replacement, etc.

Please be noted that the point when you order MPCO lifting magnets is not the end of our business with you, it is just the start of our service to you.

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