Sensor Permanent magnets, magnetic sensor assemblies, magnetic sensors

1, Help us designs of  Sensor Permanent magnets

We do not make sensors; we make the magnetic assemblies that enable these devices to operate effectively. In order to make a perfect magnet assembly, we would need to know the following:

1. What type of magnetic sensors are you working with? Manufacturer? Model number?
2. What are the pull-in / drop-out field values?
3. Do you require a multipole magnet? What are the pole pitch and field strength requirements?
4. What temperature and environment will the magnets operate in?
5. What is the required life expectancy for the magnets?
6. How are the magnets mounted? Any mounting feature required on the magnets?
7. Can you use one of MPCO’s standard sensor magnet products

Sensor Magnets

Sensor Magnets

2, Materials of  Sensor Permanent magnets

The sensor magnet material will be case specific. MPCO sensor magnet product materials include:

• Neodymium Iron Boron
• Samarium Cobalt
• Injection Molded Hard Ferrite
• Flexible Ferrite
• Ceramic
• Alnico

MPCO Magnets has been developing magnetic solutions for the sensor / encoder market for more than three decades. The company’s legacy of engineering expertise and customer awareness has created the most reliable and robust magnetic solutions for sensor / encoder technology. With a full portfolio of magnet possibilities – from standard to custom designs – your hall effect and reed switch applications are supported.