Shuttering magnets of concrete products in precast concrete plants

Shuttering magnets for production of concrete products in precast concrete plants offer a range of applications perfectly suitable for all kinds of formwork construction, for wood or steel shuttering.

The basis of the magnetic formwork system is shuttering magnets in a shell or without a shell. The shuttering magnets is a completed element for fastening the formwork board or formwork elements, all magnets are provided with fasteners and screws.

Shuttering magnets of concrete products in precast concrete plants

Shuttering magnets of concrete products in precast concrete plants

Formwork magnet with shell consists of:
1) Shell with magnetic block
2) Fixing screws
3) Clamping handle
4) Release device

1. Reducing the complexity and time of the installation of formwork (up to 70%).
2. Universal use for mass production of concrete products, and single products of all forms on the same steel table.
3. No the need for welding, shuttering magnets does not damage the steel table.
4. Makes it possible to produce radial products.
5. A low cost of a set of magnets. A short period of return on investment, about 6 months.
6. The main advantage of the shuttering magnets is that you do not need to have a lot of different forms for different products, you need to have a set of magnets, adapters for different boards’ height and steel table.

Shuttering magnets are used in the production of concrete products in the plant, as well as at the construction site on the steel tables. Applied in the production of of piles and columns of any length and up to 600 mm, floor slabs, road plates, sandwich panels, beams, girders and other concrete products.

Mod.: RT270
Magnetic force (kg):1800, 2000, 2400
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm):310*120*60

Mod.: RT220
Magnetic force (kg):900, 1000
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm):250*80*50, 250*80*60

Mod.: RT140
Magnetic force (kg):450, 500
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm):170*80*60, 170*80*50

Mod.: LC220
Magnetic force (kg):1600
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm):250*120*60

Mod.: LCN40
Magnetic force (kg):1800, 2000
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm):310*120*60

Mod.: LCN60
Magnetic force (kg):1800, 2000, 2400
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm):450*120*60

Mod.: TDM100, TDM150
Magnetic force (kg):1600
Height (mm):100, 150

Mod.: LCNB30/100
Magnetic force (kg):
1600, 1800, 2000
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm):
225*90*30, 240*90*30, 264*90*30

Mod.: SKN900 SKN1600
Magnetic force (kg):900, 1600

Shuttering magnets is a new step forward in the industrial production of the precast concrete structures. The magnets have been using in such production not so long ago. Initially, just the ordinary magnets were used to fix a formwork to the steel table. However, such an approach requires enormous mechanical forces. Moreover, in such case the magnets lose their shape and break down fast and, in addition, it damages the tops of the high-cost formwork tables.

Shuttering magnets is a design solution for the production of the precast concrete structures
The shuttering magnet in the magnet formwork have been applied to simplify a production process. They allow saving production time, cost and forces. Their functioning principle is rather simple and these are what you need for:

Steel table
Shuttering magnets
Magnet adapter
Shuttering board
Steel table
The steel table usually is made of steel. It allows forming the concrete structures of any shape easily. Some steel tables can be additionally equipped with a concrete densifier, a rotation gear, and the hydraulic systems.

Functioning principle of the shuttering magnets
To use the shuttering magnet you should set a magnet at the required place on the table and push the button above. When the button is pushed a magnet starts performing and get firmly fixed on the steel table. The adapters are used to fix a shuttering board to a shuttering magnet.

Shuttering magnet adapters
The adaptor for the magnets is an appliance with the space for shuttering magnets and shuttering board fixing. Some shuttering magnets are equipped with the adaptors, the rest are used in the system.

Shuttering board
There are two types of the shuttering board – a flexible board and a hard one. A flexible board is used for forming of special (off-standard) shapes, bends. A hard shuttering board is the right choice for the production of the standard products.

Shuttering magnets types and specifics
The shuttering magnets differ by several parameters:

Adapter availability
Adaptor fixation availability
A unique combination of magnetic properties and multi-use explain a distinctive position of this equipment. The number of industrial spheres where the magnetic systems are used is growing day by day, and the precast concrete production industry is not exclusion. The shuttering magnets and magnet formwork systems are the brand-new decision on the industrial market.

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