Standards and Requirements for Using NdFeB Magnets

Neodymium iron boron magnets are particularly strong in magnetism. The first thing to do is to prevent hands or other parts of the body from being clamped by the magnets. More attention should be paid to safety for large-scale strong magnetism. Do not place strong magnets near electronic medical devices or patients with devices such as pacemakers. Do not swallow strong magnets. If accidentally swallowed, seek medical attention immediately. Strong magnets should be kept out of the reach of children.

In the use of magnets, the environment should be kept as clean as possible to prevent fine impurities such as iron filings from being adsorbed on the surface of the magnet and affecting the use. Magnetic shavings fly into the eyes, causing damage and must be handled with care. NdFeB magnets should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment. Acidic, alkaline, organic solvents, salt water, high temperature and humid environments can easily oxidize the magnets, the electroplating layer will fall off, and the magnets will be powdered and demagnetized.

Standards and Requirements for Using NdFeB Magnets

Standards and Requirements for Using NdFeB Magnets

After the magnet is heated at high temperature, the magnetic function will be attenuated. Please refer to the temperature resistance guidelines of the corresponding functions of the magnet, and pay attention not to exceed the working temperature when the magnet is assembled or used. NdFeB magnets are brittle, so when they are used for vibration, shock, etc., they may crack and fall. Be careful of bumps in use.

The process by which a magnet attracts iron is called magnetization, which turns the disordered molecules in the iron into order through a magnetic field, so the iron will have the same magnetic properties as the magnet. The interaction force between magnets is a very beautiful work, so people are also very keen to study them, so they are widely used in society. The learning of each kind of knowledge requires a long process to learn thoroughly. Xiaobian Karich shares with us the principle of mutual attraction between magnets.

The attraction of AB magnets is the same as the attraction between atoms, that is, some atoms of A magnet combine with some atoms of B magnet. Important to know: magnets and magnets will release heat (energy, particles) in the process of approaching, that is, atoms and atoms combine to release energy, we don’t feel it in our daily life, don’t deny energy balance based on your own feeling.

According to the principle of an independent magnet, the particles announced by a regular swirl sphere of the magnet will be affected by the external particles every time they take a step, go through a difficult motion process, go out a curved trajectory, and finally move to the other end and enter the anti-spin sphere.

An extremely important thing to know: Assuming that the particle is in the process of motion, the magnitude of the speed remains unchanged, and the greater the change in the direction of the particle motion, the greater the cooperative force of the external particles. Assuming that the particle moves in a straight line, the cooperative force is 0, that is, the curvilinear motion. The greater the curvature of the particles, the greater the force they are subjected to.

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