Steel Chamfer and Magnetic Chamfer

Steel and magnetic chamfer is used in the manufacture of concrete products. The chamfer is required for the formation of the chamfered corner on the product in order to create an accurate aesthetic appearance of the corners of concrete products, also eliminates bevel angles of concrete products from chipping.

Magnetic chamfer
A magnetic chamfer is done of the magnetic material and it is used for the chamfer formation in the precast concrete structures production. There are several advantages to form such chamfer:

The angles of the chamfered concrete structures tend to crumble less than usual
The structure has more aesthetic appearance
Process recesses formation
A magnetic chamfer is easily placed on the precise positions of the steel formwork or of the steel table. Such a magnetic line either helps to form chamfer in the concrete structures or makes a performance period of the formwork longer. In the concrete structures production, space is concreted when the magnetic formwork is set up. When the form is filled over, some part of concrete will spill outside the magnetic formwork. The spilled concrete will get fixed that will definitely affect a formwork removal. The positioning of the magnetic chamfer not only inside, but also outside the formwork will make a performance period of the pricey formwork longer.

Steel Chamfer and Magnetic Chamfer

Magnetic chamfer types
The main types of magnetic chamfers are recognized according to several features. The first and most evident feature is a geometric form:

Triangle chamfer
Trapezoid chamfer
Triangle magnetic chamfer
A triangle chamfer may be rectangle and acute-angled. Also in such chamfers, a magnetic unit is fixed on different positions like on the footing and on the sides. Such chamfer is usually used for the chamfered corners formation on the products. If you would like to order a magnetic chamfer of different sizes, you can easily find our contacts on the contacts page.

Trapezoid magnetic chamfer
The trapezoid magnetic chamfers are used for the process of recesses formation. A magnetic unit of such chamfer is usually fixed on the footing. If you would like to buy a magnetic chamfer of any form, you can easily reach us out on the phone by the stated phone numbers.

Magnetic chamfer advantages
The main advantage of a magnetic chamfer is that it’s simple in use. You do not need any nails or a hammer to use a magnetic chamfer. It is easily fixed on the steel table or on the units of the magnetic formwork.

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