Strong Countersunk & Counterbored Neodymium Magnets for Sale

Mounting is a very important use of neodymium magnets. And mounting magnets come in different shapes. Ring, Disc, Block, Segment, Countersunk and ball, do you know which shape is mainly used for fixing object? So here in particular we want to introduce countersunk magnet.

What is a Countersunk Magnet?
Countersunk magnet is an extremely popular neodymium disc/block magnet with countersunk/counterbore holes in the center. It is to allow the magnet to be easily fastened into place like woodwork for a temporary or permanent fitting.

Tapered / countersunk holes fit a standard flat head screw.
Countebore holes fit a pan head screw, nut, or bolt head.
Buy magnets in matching pairs for a magnet to magnet attachment.
Order magnets in one direction for a magnet to non-ferromagnetic objects.
Round Countersunk Magnets
countersunk disc magnetsRound Countersunk Magnetscountersunk ring magnet
Rectangle Countersunk Magnets
magnets with hole in centerRectangle Countersunk Magnetcountersunk ferrite magnets
Segment Countersunk Magnets
strong segment magnet with holearc magnets with hole in centercountersunk segment magnet
Countersunk Pot Magnets
round pot countersunk magnetround countersunk pot magnetblock pot countersunk magnets
Countersunk Magnet Use
Rare earth magnet can’t be made into threaded hole because of hard and brittle mechanical property; countersunk hole is good choice when need fastening to surfaces strong magnets just won’t stick!

Strong Countersunk & Counterbored Neodymium Magnets for Sale

Strong Countersunk & Counterbored Neodymium Magnets for Sale

Sometimes we can use neodymium magnet with 3M adhesive, but neodymium countersunk magnet with screw is definitely a better and more secure option. Besides reinforcement effect, bolt head will be inserted into counterbore with no influence on magnet appearance and external structure.

It is great for many applications including manufacturing, woodworking (door/cabinet closures), art projects (hanging art/box on a wall), holding a curtain and many other custom applications!

Buy Custom Neodymium Magnets with Countersunk Holes from China Magnets MPCO

MPCO is an experienced manufacturer of countersunk hole neodymium magnet. We supply custom strong magnets with hole according to your special requests. If you need powerful countersunk and counterbored magnets of different dimensions, please get in touch.

Wind Turbine Wedge Shape Magnets with Two Countersunk Holes

255LBS Pulling Force Neodymium Fishing Magnets with Countersunk Hole Eyebolt

40mm Dia NdFeB Countersunk Furniture Fixing Magnets w/ Rubber Coating

D22mm Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnet with a Countersunk Hole

Neodymium Countersunk Block Embedded Channel Magnet 15mm

Channel Magnet Neodymium with Countersunk Borehole 40mm