Supply Pattern of NdFeB Industry

Summary : NdFeB is the magnetic material with the best magnetic properties and the best comprehensive properties. ] NdFeB is the third generation rare earth
Soil permanent magnets have a high magnetic energy product. Its maximum magnetic energy product is about that of the first generation rare earth permanent magnet SmCo5
2 times, and 1.5 times that of the second-generation rare earth permanent magnet Sm2Co17, due to the higher magnetic energy product advantage, the electronic
Instruments, communication equipment, etc. are gradually developing towards miniaturization and thinning, and the downstream application space is broad.
The supply of high-end NdFeB is relatively limited, and the supply of low-end is relatively surplus. High-performance NdFeB judging standard:
Hcj(kOe)+(BH)max(MGOe)>60. In the market, manufacturers are often based on the needs of downstream products.
Find differences to divide. Low-end NdFeB is mainly used in magnetic adsorption, magnetic separation, electric bicycles, luggage buckles,
Door buckles, toys and other fields, and high-performance NdFeB are mainly used in various types of motors and speakers
magnetic steel, including energy-saving motors, automobile motors, wind power generation, advanced audio and video equipment, elevator motors, etc.
The high-end NdFeB industry has high entry barriers, with technical barriers, non-standard design and manufacturing barriers, capital barriers,

Supply Pattern of NdFeB Industry

Supply Pattern of NdFeB Industry

Customer stickiness, certification barriers and talent barriers, there are only four foreign suppliers, and the output accounts for about 10%.
Most of the suppliers are mainly domestic, including leading companies like Zhongke Sanhuan, Zhenghai Magnetic Materials, Ningbo Yunsheng,
Listed companies such as Jinli Permanent Magnet and dozens of excellent companies such as Yantai Shougang, Jingci Co., Ltd., Dadixiong, Jinshan Magnetic Materials, etc.
It is an outstanding non-listed company, so the supply of high-performance NdFeB is relatively limited.

Main subject:
Zhongke Third Ring (000970.SZ). The company is a domestic rare earth permanent magnet leader, with a production capacity of NdFeB blanks of about
16,000 tons, the production capacity ranks first in the country, and the capacity utilization rate is between 70% and 80%. The company focuses on the magnetic material business,
In 2017, the magnetic material revenue accounted for 99.18% of the company’s total revenue. The downstream main supply of the company’s products is steam
Vehicles, motors, VCM fields. With the start of construction of Tesla’s super factory in Shanghai, the company as a domestic leader
To magnetic material suppliers, will usher in a new profit growth point.
Zhenghai Magnetic Materials (300224.SZ). The company is a leading enterprise of high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet materials in China.
The existing blank production capacity is 6,300 tons, and the production capacity closely follows the market demand. In 2017, the company’s magnetic material revenue was in the company’s total
The proportion of income is 63.9%. Gross profit margin was 24.8%. The company has launched a dual-main business development model and actively deployed
New energy vehicle field. The company’s holding subsidiary Shanghai Dajun has a first-mover advantage in the new energy vehicle motor drive
As a dynamic system provider, it has a relatively comprehensive core technology.
Ningbo Yunsheng (600366.SH). The company is one of the major manufacturers of rare earth permanent magnet materials in China, with years of experience in
Production capacity of 10,000 tons of billets. The company’s main income comes from rare earth permanent magnet materials and servo motors.
machine sales. In 2017, the company’s magnetic material revenue accounted for 79.69% of the company’s total revenue. Gross profit margin is
31.11%, maintaining a leading level in the industry. The company actively extends the magnetic material industry to the downstream, and has become a
It is one of the important manufacturers of opportunistic motors in the country.
Jinli Permanent Magnet (300748.SZ). The company is the world’s leading supplier of magnetic steel for wind power applications.
The business products mainly include NdFeB magnet steel finished products and blanks. The company’s current design blank production capacity is 6,000 tons.
Production and sales continue to improve. In 2017, the company’s magnetic material revenue accounted for 96.81% of the company’s total revenue. gross profit margin
28.88%, which is at the forefront of the industry. The company actively expands non-wind power fields such as new energy vehicles and becomes a public company.
The main growth point of the company’s performance.
Risk warning: the risk of sharp fluctuations in the price of upstream rare earth raw materials.

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