• Magnetizing System for Permanent Magnets


Magnetizing or Magnetization In magnetizing the magnetic domains inside of a magnet are aligned with the magnetizing field. If the magnetizing field strength is high enough, all the domains will be aligned and the magnet is said to be magnetized to saturation. Magnetizing to saturation is usually recommended as only then are the magnetic properties [...]



GUITAR PICKUP MAGNETS - AlNiCo & Ferrite The magnetic pickup mounted on the Electric guitar's body help the sound production. A vibrating string cuts through the magnetic field in the pickup to produce a signal in the pickup's coil. What the magnets in pickup look like: Two type permanent magnets are used in pickups: AlNiCo [...]

  • Magnetrons Magnetic Assemblies

Magnetrons Magnetic Assemblies

Magnetrons Magnetic Assemblies, Sputtering magnetrons magnet materials, magnetic designs, FAQ 1, Help us designs Magnetrons Magnetic Assemblies - We do not make Magnetrons; we make the magnetic assemblies that enable these devices to operate effectively.  In order to make a perfect magnet assembly, we would need to know the following: 1. What Type of magnetron is required? [...]

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