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  • Magnetic Theory and Design

Magnetic Theory and Design

Magnetic Theory and Design 1. Can you explain the difference between coercive force and intrinsic coercive force? The intrinsic coercive force is the coercivity of a magnet material in a closed circuit configuration. A closed circuit configuration means the magnet does not have any exposed poles. Some examples of a closed circuit configuration are a [...]

  • MPCO Permanent Magnet Appearance Features

Permanent Magnet Appearance

Permanent Magnet Appearance 1, Can customers specify appearance requirements? Yes. MPCO MAG was founded upon the ideology of custom solutions. We encourage customers to specify mechanical and/or appearance requirements. Of course, if no customer-specific standards are stated, MPCO adheres to its own Permanent Magnets Workmanship and Appearance Standard. 2, Does MPCO Magnetic Technologies have standards [...]

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