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  • Look Neodymium Magnet's Rust

Look Neodymium Magnet’s Rust

Look Neodymium Magnet's Rust While this blog promotes the use of neodymium magnets, we also try to be frank about their limitations. Previous examples include: How a neodymium magnet doesn’t remove all the data from a hard drive, Pacemaker Safety, How fragile magnets are – Breaking Magnets, and How Magnetic Paint isn’t very attractive. In [...]

  • Powerful Neodymium Cube Magnets

Powerful Neodymium Cube Magnets

These Powerful Neodymium Cube Magnets are magnetized through their thickness, so the strong North/South poles are located on opposite sides of the cube. After experimenting with them, you will get a feel for which two sides have the strong poles. Neodymium (chemical symbol Nd) is element 60 on the periodic table. It is a rare [...]

  • insert molding type plastic integrated magnets

About Plastic Integrated Magnet

About Plastic Integrated Magnet, Plastic coated magnets, ABS plastic covered magnets Magnets can be combined with different types of functional material to form specific magnetic assemblies such as pot magnet. For plastic integrated magnet, multiple components can be integrated through the injection molding process even each component has its own property. Magnet embedded in the [...]

  • PVC Waterproof Magnets

PVC Waterproof Magnets

PVC Waterproof Magnets, Unbreakable Plastic-Coated N52 Neodymium Disc Magnets, Waterproof Strong Permanent NdFeB Rare Earth Magnets Coated with Hard Polypropylene PVC Waterproof Magnets Product features UNBREAKABLE -Thick Polypropylene coating can withstand falls, collisions with other magnets, strikes and more. Nickel-Copper-Nickel surface plating protects the magnetic interior and prevents corrosion. POWERFUL - N52 is the highest [...]

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