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  • Rare Earth Magnets Really “Rare”

Are Rare Earth Magnets Metals Really “Rare”?

Are Rare Earth Magnets Metals Really “Rare”? Rare Earth Magnets Metals Rare Earth Magnets Metals/Rare Earth Metals are a gathering of 17 metallic components with comparative properties and structures that are crucial in the assembling of a various and extending show of high-engineering provisions. They are basic segments in hi-tech items including advanced cells and [...]



ABOUT SAMARIUM COBALT Samarium cobalt is a rare earth material made by a powder metallurgical process. Manufactured using binders such as epoxy, samarium cobalt magnets are inherently very brittle. Users are discouraged from grinding material because dry remnants are a fire hazard. Some of the advantages of using samarium cobalt is that it provides excellent [...]

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