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The Taxi Sign Mounting Magnets car roof top magnet is designed for applications where high shear strength is required with minimum scratching. The car roof magnet is a magnetic clamping assembly with a soft polyurethane coating or plastic coating. It clamps securely to mild steel walls and girders with no damage to paintwork and no slippage on vertical surfaces, making it a superb choice for temporary and permanent lighting fixings.

Taxi Sign Mounting Magnets

Taxi Sign Mounting Magnets

High quality mounting magnets for taxi Light
More easy to install and use than traditional taxi light
Magnetic base devise can catch your car easy and strong
No any damage for your car
More visible and bright
Anti-damage magnetic base

Like our polyurethane rubber coated mounting magnet ?

Most magnets have a strong direct pull force but they can be made to slide along a surface with about 20% of the direct pull force when used on steel. Rubber coated Mounting Magnet has a strong direct pull force but the increased friction of the polyurethane means that it takes around twice the direct pull force to get the magnet to slide.It can provide immense resistance to shear forces when mounted on a smooth metal surface, as typically found on motor vehicle body parts.

Typical uses include car roof signs, antenna clamp systems, vehicle tracking units, temporary signage, attaching to boards and pictures for clamping to metal partitions, etc.

Please be aware note that magnets will not attract to panels are made of non-magnetic materials such as aluminium or carbon fibre; the majority of car panels have ferromagnetic mild steel content which magnets will attract strongly onto.