Temperature sensors for any need

Easy and accurate thermal monitoring and protection

Since creating the first temperature sensor integrated circuits (ICs) more than 45 years ago, TI continues to drive innovations in accuracy, low power consumption and small packaging. From simple thermistor replacement to advanced sensors capable of operating over 300 meters of cable, TI makes temperature sensing easy.

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors

Digital temperature sensors

Local and remote temperature sensor with a small footprint, high-accuracy, low power consumption and ease-of-use required for any temperature measurement application.
+/-0.2C accuracy
Programmable thresholds
Standard interfaces

Analog temperature sensors

High accuracy across wide temperature ranges, zero calibration required, and increased linearity and improved power consumption and noise sensitivity compared to NTC thermistors.
Linear output
Zero calibration

Temperature switches

Autonomous hardware-based sensors for real-time thermal protection without polling.
Temperature threshold detection
Built-in hysterisis
Multiple programming options