The facilitation of technological progress of magnetic components

The role of technological progress in promoting the industry

The rapid development and integration of communication technology, network technology, information technology, artificial intelligence technology, and new energy technology, while promoting the rapid development of network communications, new energy vehicles, industrial power supplies, consumer electronics, security equipment and other fields, magnetic components The quality and performance of products put forward higher requirements, forcing the technological progress of the magnetic components industry. The continuous updating of new materials and related technologies for magnetic components contributes to the continuous improvement of the conversion efficiency, power density, reliability, and electromagnetic compatibility of magnetic components and the gradual development of magnetic components in the direction of miniaturization, thinning, and integration. important guarantees are provided.

The facilitation of technological progress of magnetic components

The facilitation of technological progress of magnetic components

The penetration rate of new energy vehicles continues to increase, and the market for magnetic components is huge

As countries around the world pay more attention to environmental protection and energy security, countries have introduced timetables and policies to restrict or prohibit the production and sales of traditional energy vehicles. It has become an inevitable trend for new energy vehicles to replace traditional fuel vehicles.

New energy vehicles are an important direction for the green development and transformation and upgrading of the global auto industry, and also a strategic choice for the development of my country’s auto industry. In order to encourage and lead the development of the new energy vehicle industry, my country has formulated a clear plan for the new energy vehicle industry. In October 2020, my country issued the “New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)”, which clearly stated that by 2025, the sales of new energy vehicles will reach about 20% of the total sales of new vehicles. By 2035, pure electric vehicles will become the mainstream of new vehicles sold.

In response to the industrial policies of countries around the world that restrict or prohibit the sale of traditional fuel vehicles and vigorously develop new energy vehicles, major domestic and foreign OEMs have increased their plans for the development of new energy vehicles.

Under the background of government policy stimulus of various countries, major automobile manufacturers increasing the layout of new energy vehicles, the quality of new energy vehicles is gradually improving, and consumers’ recognition of new energy vehicles is constantly increasing, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in countries around the world and my country continue to grow, but The penetration rate of new energy vehicles is still low. In the future, the new energy automobile industry will continue to maintain a high degree of prosperity, and there is a large room for improvement in the penetration rate of new energy.

The continuous improvement of the penetration rate of new energy vehicles will directly drive the explosive growth of automotive electronic products and the large-scale simultaneous construction of supporting charging piles, providing a huge market growth space for magnetic components.

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