The First Global Rare Earth Industry Association Was Established

A few days ago, the Global Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA) was established at the headquarters of the EIT Raw Materials Organization in Brussels, Belgium. The Global Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA) is an international rare earth association headquartered in Brussels, providing an interoperability platform for rare earth related companies to mitigate business risks in the rare earth value chain and provide members with rare earth related environmental, technological and market dynamics side help.

The REIA said that the establishment of the association coincides with the escalation of the global trade war. In addition, the rapid development of new energy technologies has brought about an explosive growth in the demand for rare earths, and the supply of rare earths is under pressure.
The association was initiated and founded by 12 member units, namely Denmark Grundfos, China Fujian Changting Jinlong Rare Earth Co., Ltd., Germany BRUGGER Co., Ltd., Italy B&C Audio Company, Netherlands Gionee Permanent Magnet Europe Company, Japan Materials Trading Company, Japan New Materials Society, Singapore Talaxis Company, UK Mkango Resources Company, Germany Rocklink Company, Chinese Academy of Sciences Urban Environment Research Institute and France Carester Company.

At REIA’s first global membership meeting, a representative of each sponsoring company was appointed to the association’s board of directors. Among them, Dr. Badrinath Veluri of Grundfos was elected the first president of the association, Myriam El Kara of Tarasis and Nippon Shinmetals Co., Ltd. Shimizu Kotaro was elected as Vice-President, and Rob Kopelmans of Jinli Permanent Magnet Europe was elected as Chief Financial Officer, all for a three-year term. At the same time, the association also invited a group of experts to set up an advisory committee.

Dr. Nabil Mancheri emphasized at the meeting that “the top priority of the Global Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA) is to ensure market transparency and sustainability of the rare earth industry, and to provide and build a platform for the global rare earth industry stakeholders. Our members Working together to take a united and consistent approach to raw materials policy and related issues, we look forward to seeing more members joining the association.”

Among the 12 member units of the association, the Chinese enterprise Fujian Changting Jinlong Rare Earth Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the rare earth industry in Fujian Province and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in rare earth separation, rare earth deep processing and rare earth functional materials. development and application. The company has built 5,000 tons of rare earth separation, 3,000 tons of rare earth metals, 2,000 tons of high-purity rare earth oxides, 1,300 tons of tri-color phosphors, 6,000 tons of NdFeB magnetic materials, and 2,500 tons of NdFeB surface treatment production lines. It has a relatively complete industrial chain from rare earth mining – rare earth separation – rare earth metal – deep processing (phosphor powder, magnetic materials).

Another Chinese research institute, the Urban Environment Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a corporate legal entity under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is currently the only national research institution specializing in comprehensive research on urban environment. The Institute faces major strategic needs such as ecological environmental protection in the process of national urbanization development, and faces the development frontiers of international urban ecological science and environmental science and technology. Carry out theoretical research, technology research and development, system integration and engineering demonstration in the fields of circular economy, urban planning and environmental policy.

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