The World’s Strongest “Environmentally Friendly Magnet”? LG Develops New Materials to be used in various digital products

According to South Korea’s “Dong-A Ilbo”, LG Innotek, a subsidiary of LG, said that it has jointly developed an “environmentally friendly magnet” with the world’s strongest magnetic force with the magnet specialized company “Sacred Forest Advanced Industries”.

Heavy rare earths are essential components to maintain magnetism at high temperatures, but they are in short supply, expensive and cause environmental pollution during mining.

According to the report, the performance of this product has also been improved to the highest level in the world. The magnetic force of the environmentally friendly magnet is 14.8kG, which exceeds the maximum performance of the current commercial products of 14.2 to 14.3kG, and is close to the technical performance limit of 15kG considered by the industry.

LG Innotek will use eco-friendly magnets on its products such as in-vehicle steering motors and smartphone adjusters (parts that move the lens for autofocus functions). In addition, the company plans to actively promote sales to global vehicle, auto parts, and smartphone manufacturers.

The World's Strongest Environmentally Friendly Magnet LG Develops New Materials

The World’s Strongest Environmentally Friendly Magnet LG Develops New Materials

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Mn-Zn Chokes Ferrite Bead Toroid Cores

Epoxy / Parylene Coated Ferrite Core Toroids

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