Threaded Pin Holding Magnets, Neodymium holding magnets with threaded pin of different sizes and pull force are included within this category. Every holding magnet have zinc coating.

Neodymium holding magnets are NdFeB magnets cased in steel. They are characterized by higher strength than the magnets (they are also more durable – even if the magnet inside gets crushed, the holding magnet won’t stop working properly), but smaller reach. They are widely used in many branches, such as industry, architecture, automotive, agriculture and advertising.

Threaded Pin Holding Magnets

Threaded Pin Holding Magnets

We offer two types of holding magnets: zinc coated and brass coated, as well as various types of threads: internal, external and threaded bush. We also offer neodymium holding magnets with central hole and conical or cylindrical countersink.

Commonly, also magnetic chucks (used in cutting, milling, grinding, drilling and turning) and lifting magnets (used in industry to transport heavy steel elements) are called holding magnets.

If you haven’t found the exact product you were looking for, please contact with our Technologies Department. We can produce a holding magnet characterized by a non-standard form, dimensions and applications especially for you.

We also offer various types of hooks (eye, angle), eye bolts and screws to be used with a holding magnet.