Titanium Nitride Plated Magnets

Medical industry is a relatively high-end application to the permanent magnets, especially in-body use. The FDA requires medical magnets must have approved biocompatible coating, thereby, parylene-coated magnet and Titanium Nitride coated magnet are generally served for this area.

About Titanium Nitride Coating

As the fourth transition metal nitrides, Titanium Nitride had the characteristic of metallic crystal and covalent crystal combined rely on hybrid structure constituted of metallic bond and the covalent bond. Titanium Nitride coating has many merits, include high melting point and hardness, superior thermal properties, chemical inertness, conductivity and metallic reflectivity, therefore, Titanium Nitride coating can be served to different kinds of cutting tools and mechanical parts as hard wear-resistant film, and also can be applied to decoration industry as decorative film. Besides, Titanium Nitride thin film can be used as the conductive film and protective film of electrochromic device, or reflective film and antistatic film of display device. The optical properties of Titanium Nitride are very strange that has high reflectance in red waveband of the visible region, while has low reflectance near ultraviolet region and thus smoothly golden yellow in color which rival gold. Preparation methods of Titanium Nitride coating include chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology and physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology, then SDM team utilizes the latter to fabricate Titanium Nitride Plated Magnets.

Titanium Nitride Plated Magnets

Titanium Nitride Plated Magnets

Other Features of Titanium Nitride Coating
Thickness around 2 ~ 3μm and environmentally.
Adhesion between the magnet and coating is strong.
Max. Working temperature can reach 500 degrees Celsius.
Young’s modulus between 350 and 600 GPa.

About Titanium Nitride Coated Magnet
Customers may be more likely to confused Titanium Nitride coated magnet with everlube-coated magnet only from appearance. The high corrosion resistance and non-reactivity in the human body will ensure Titanium Nitride coated magnet slow down the release of the metal ion and reduce toxicity of metal material to the surrounding media. Titanium Nitride Plated Magnets

Titanium Nitride (TiN) is a FDA approved medical coating for in-body use. Titanium Nitride is a hard coating that has a very strong bond to the magnet. TiN is resilient to most chemicals and environmentally friendly. This special coating works to protect from humidity and fluids. The finished color is a metallic gold with a smooth surface. Typically the thickness is around 2-3 microns. The maximum operating temp is approximately 500o C.

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