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About TWS Earbud Magnets

Magnets in TWS earbud are utilized to satisfy magnetic suction function of cap and headphone’s fixed function, and Neodymium magnet is the clear choice in every product now.

Ture Wireless Stereo (TWS)

Ture wireless stereo is regarded as the latest innovation of Bluetooth technology which achieves wireless separation of Bluetooth’s left and right channel. The core principle of TWS is divide loudspeaker into TWS master and TWS slave. TWS master is able to receive A2DP protocol audio and AVRCP protocol control signal from smart phone and laptop, thus transmit audio frequency to the loudspeaker of other TWS devices. TWS slave is a loudspeaker which can receive A2DP protocol audio from TWS master. Hence, obtain stereo effect through playing music synchronously in two separate loudspeakers. Actually, active noise cancellation, waterproof, voice control and heartbeat monitoring are also gradually integrated to the TWS earbud.

TWS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Earphone Magnets

TWS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Earphone Magnets

According to the market survey which released by Counterpoint Research, the shipment of true wireless stereo (TWS) earbud reached 120 million in 2019. The survey also expects that shipment will reach 230 million in 2020 and its compound annual growth rate between 2019 and 2022 will remain 80 percent. The market share of Apple Airpods tops 50 percent currently and it has undoubtedly to be a highlight in Apple’s earnings report. The wear comfort and battery life of Airpods directly stimulate explosive growth of TWS earbud, then Samsung, Google and many Chinese companies race to enter this area in the second half of 2019. As a functional component, the shipment of TWS earbud magnet has also increased sharply due to the vigorous development of TWS earbud.

Music is a super companion for humans, which can make you relaxing and enjoy colorful life. A portable music player device is essential for music lover. We are be honored to recommend Stereo Bluetooth Headphones to you. Bluetooth Headphone is specially designed for music lovers and sports enthusiast, which features Advanced Bluetooth 4.2 (CSR4.2) technology, Built-in high-grade Microphone & Speaker, hands-free function and lightweight design. Bluetooth Headphone will offer you wonderful music, you can greatly enjoy your favorite Music. A super companion for you during daily life and travel.

TWS Earbud Magnets

TWS Earbud Magnets

Magnetic TWINS Portable Mini Earphone TWS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Earphone Features:
[Unique Design]
Wireless Dual Ear Stereo Design, Left and Right Ear Channel Separation; You can use  Left and Right Ear Headset solely (Single Track Mode), and IP010 also can be used in pairs (Stereo Mode). Ultra Mini Size, offering you Wonderful HiFi Sound Effect. Its ergonomic design guarantees 100% Stable and Comfortable when walking, exercising, running, climbing, driving, cycling, fishing, etc.
Simply put your earbuds near the charging interface and they will be held in place magnetically and recharge. Comes with 260mAh Charging Box which can fully charge these earbuds up to 2 times (single earbud up to 4 times), keeping you enjoying wonderful music all day without any worry for low battery.
[Crystal Clear Stereo Sound Quality]
Latest Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 (CSR4.2) Technology with A2DP/ AVRCP support, ensure transmitting strong signal in high quality & high speed and offering high-fidelity stereo music. Adopts CVC6.0 Noise Canceling Technology and high-sensitivity microphone to reduces ambient noises and grasp the detail of voice, enabling clearer sound from microphone.
[Strong Wireless Signal & Multipoint Technology]
With a wireless audio range of up to 15m, enjoy the freedom to move and the convenience of uncompromising sound quality. And can simultaneously connect two smarts phone. So you can seamlessly switch between your business and personal phones.
[Long Standby Time & Fully Compatibility]
Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery lasts up to 5 hours of Talking Time / 5 hours of Music Playing Time and 120 hours of Standby Time per charge cycle. And universally compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, including iOS / Android / Windows Smart phones & Tablet PC and other Bluetooth devices. Also Supports real time monitoring of battery voltage and early warning of low voltage, also support auto power-off when ultra-low voltage.

Tips for connection
1. How to pair the headphones as one pair:
Press one of the headphones for two seconds, it will flash red light. Then press the other headphone for more than 3 seconds until the red and blue light alternated, then both of the headphones will be paired automatically (one of the headphones will flash blue light every five seconds, the other headset is still flash red and blue alternatively). Please clear the Bluetooth list in your phone then search for the Bluetooth (TWS Earbuds) of the headphones. When they are connected successfully, both of the headphones will flash blue lights every 5 seconds.

2. Pair the headphones separately to the same phone:
Long press one of the headphones for more than 3 seconds until the red and blue light alternated, then search for the Bluetooth of the headphone and connect it. Then do the same to the other headphone and connect it to the phone. They could be connected separately and hear music or phone call at the same time.

3. Pair each of the headphones to different phones:
Each headphone could be used separately to different phones, but there will be signal interference when the distance between two headphones is within 20 meters.