U Shape Ironless Linear Motor, U-Channel Ironless Linear Motor:

Direct drive linear motors have high force density, high stiffness, enable extremely smooth velocity control and require minimal maintenance.

Ironless linear motors typically consist of a U-shaped magnet track, with two plates of magnets facing each other. This reduces heat dissipation and means that ironless linear motors have lower thrust forces than iron core motors. But their lower mass (due to a lighter primary part) give them better acceleration capabilities and short settling times, making them ideal for precise, rapid movements.

U Shape Ironless Linear Motor

U Shape Ironless Linear Motor

Benefits of Ironless Linear Motor:
● Smooth motion
● Low inertia, high acceleration
● Strong overload capacity
● Zero cogging and no electromagnetic attraction
● Modular design
● Maintenance-free, with the grating application to achieve high precision
● Equipped with NdFeB magnets (rare earth magnets)
● U-shaped ironless linear motors do not have silicone steel sheet in the primary, so it got some benefits like have no cogging force, no magnetic normal force, less weight in the primary.

The benefits of ironless linear motors are optimal for applications that require small masses to be moved with maximum precision at a high cycle speed, especially in areas like:

The main application of the linear motor:

1. Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
2. The flat panel display (FPD)industry,
3. Life sciences, medical devices, machine vision inspection equipment,
4. Electronic components SMT, PCB equipment,
5. Printing machine, Textile machine, Logistics equipment devices.
6, Metal CNC machine, Laser machine