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This formwork-system, U-profile Shuttering System, consist of a formwork-profile (steel) with integrated magnetic tension-mechanism, which can be used in different formworks. It is specially suitable for the production of filigran- respectively double walls and lattice girder ceilings.
By mean of the tension-mechanism, the profile (layer is planed) is pulled to the bottom of the shuttering, so that an exactly edge of the manufactured item is managed. For the system is one unit, measuring mistakes are not possible. The easy and quick handling increases the work safety. Using the corresponding lever, the system can be taken off and removed easily from the bottom of the shuttering.

U60 Shuttering Profile Magnets

U60 Shuttering Profile Magnets

By mean of the separated arrangement of tension mechanism and handle-knob, and tension mechanism and shuttering, the forces acting on the formwork and on the magnet during the concrete process are absorbed.
The built-in tension elements are placed in a save position, so that the formwork-system is less sensitive against soiling.
To make possible a stacking up, and to prevent that the formwork stick to each other, the knob is made out of antimagnetic material. The system can also be delivered storeroom- and robot capable.
With defect the old shuttering, by remove from 3 screws, can be easily exchanged.
Declining shapes and dimensions on demand.
Using the Concrete Formwork Magnet is very convenient, construction workers could build a concrete formwork on a ground ,and fit two hex bolt with the adapter onto the the concrete formwork. There is another means of using the concrete formwork magnet,workers could hold the concrete formwork on a hydraulic platform,build and stock the concrete walls,and using forklift and crane to carry the walls while using them.

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