Use Cube Neodymium Magnets For Magnetic Levitation

This post is part of our series on how to handle cube neodymium magnets safely. In this post, we are showing you how to safely put cube magnets together with the poles in a checkerboard pattern that is suitable for magnetic levitation. What you see is pyrolytic graphite being repelled by four cube neodymium magnets.

So let’s start with some tiny ones.



These can be arranged by hand alone but don’t for a second think they are weak! Just one of these will hold over a kilogram of iron. The only tool that we recommend for these tiny magnets is this simple locking board.

The iron plates underneath locks the loose magnets in place – or at least dampens the acceleration when putting the magnets together. These thin cube magnets are very fragile and will easily break if just thrown together. Alright. Here’s the checkerboard

pattern of north and south poles I’m going to make.

Let’s go ahead and take the first magnet off the stack… and place it on the locking board. The next magnet you need to turn 180 degrees before putting it on. The poles of the cube magnets can’t face in the same direction since only opposites attracts. Continue doing this and remember to turn every second magnet upside down.

Use Cube Neodymium Magnets For Magnetic Levitation

Use Cube Neodymium Magnets For Magnetic Levitation

There you go…

And now just some hints for restacking the cube neodymium magnets without breaking them. OK – what you’ve seen so far may be basic to most of you so let me raise the ante. These are tricky little bastards. They are just the size where they don’t look impressive like a huge one in some of our other posts but these will draw blood if you get pinched by them. Who said nerds don’t work out?

we have marked the north poles on these cube magnets with dots around the edges so we always know which two surfaces are the poles. Let’s build a checkerboard: Take the first magnet off the stack using a splitter tool. Put the magnet on the locking board with one of the pole surfaces pointing upwards. For the next cube neodymium magnet, you need a large wedge to slide the two cube magnets safely together.

Remember to turn the next magnet upside down so you’ve got opposite poles attracting each other. we will make a 3×3 pattern so let me just put another one on – mind the poles. Repeat until you have three of these 3×1 bars. Remember to keep them far apart so they don’t smash together. Take one of the bars and mind the poles. Take the next bar and put it upside down on the locking board following the rule of attraction between opposite poles.

Bring the bars together with the wedge in between and make sure the bars are aligned. Finish the project with the last bar. There you have it: nine powerful cube magnets put together with no loss of blood.

And here’s what they can do. Now for some hints on how we restock them. As always: Mind the poles.

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