Uses and Advantages of Thin Flat NdFeB Magnet

We have introduced to you How thin can thin magnets be machined ? Today, we will introduce to you where the neodymium thin magnets are mainly used.

Where are neodymium thin flat magnets used?

Thin sheet neodymium magnets are widely used in packaging, hardware accessories, permanent magnet instruments, medical equipment, magnetic therapy equipment, audio equipment, smart home and other fields!

What are the advantages of thin neodymium magnets?

thin neodymium magnets

Uses and Advantages of Thin Flat NdFeB Magnet

Uses and Advantages of Thin Flat NdFeB Magnet

Super strong thin rectangular magnets 9.5 x 3 x 0.5mm

Strong suction: Although thin neodymium magnets are thin, they are indeed the strongest magnetic material, and most thin magnets are made of this material.

Small size: only a few millimeters of sheet magnets are used, which will not have any impact on the image of the product itself, preserve the integrity of the product, and make the product more precise.

Low price: Generally, if it is not so thin that it is difficult to process, the price is much cheaper because less material is used.

The above has introduced the application and advantages of neodymium thin flat magnets. Our company can process rare earth NdFeB magnets as thin as about 0.45mm, and ceramic ferrite magnets about 0.65mm, with good tolerance control, welcome to consult.

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