What are Injection Molded Magnets and Why are they Beneficial?

From motors and sensors to mop heads and toothbrushes, injection molding allows for parts and components to be easily produced in a variety of different industries. Many of these parts are used for different products that are vitally important. MPCO Magnetics is a permanent magnet manufacturer and we see the many ways that magnets are helping to shape the modern world with their many versatile uses. Today we want to discuss the role of magnets in injection molding.

What is Injection Molding?
What are Injection Molded Magnets and why are they Beneficial?Injection molding is a process of injecting molten materials into a mold for the purpose of manufacturing. Injection molded magnets are created by blending a solid binder with magnetic materials such as NdFeB. This allows for the magnet to be injected into the mold the same way a plastic or any other cast materials would.

What are Injection Molded Magnets

What are Injection Molded Magnets

Injection Molding Allow for Complex Shapes
The process of injection molding makes it possible for very simple shapes as well as very complex shapes. This range of shapes can allow for just about any parts to be produced quickly and easily. The injection molding process is used for high volume productions of tens, hundreds, or even thousands, and it can be cost advantageous to create the entire part out of the magnetic materials. These magnets also conform to the mold dimensionally, which allows them to have very tight tolerances.

The Overmolding Technique
For injection molded magnets that use a plastic material as the binder, the technique of Overmolding is possible. Overmolding combines multiple plastic materials in order to create very versatile, high-quality products. When you mold the part, you are manufacturing directly to the surface of the other components, it saves time and lowers the amount of assembly steps. Check out the video below for a better understanding of the overmolding process.

It Works with Different Types of Magnets
Injection molding works with NdFeB, SmCo, Alnico, and Ferrite magnets, and even hybrid versions that combine the properties of these different types of magnets. So, no matter what types of magnets you use to create your parts, they can be used to create injection molded magnets.

Get Magnets for Your Injection Molding Projects
Injection molded magnets are an excellent way for engineers and designers to create an unlimited number of shapes for their magnet molds. At Viona Magnetics we know firsthand the wide range of uses for magnets and we offer NdFeB, SmCo, and other types for all your magnet needs.

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