What are the Method Of Magnet Fixing

Magnets need to be fixed in many applications. A friend asked, what are the fixing methods of magnets? Which is better? Let’s find out with my text below!

Magnet fixing method – filling glue

The magnets in the motor are basically fixed with glue. Depending on the brand, type and specification of the glue, the curing temperature and time are also different. For details, you can consult the glue manufacturer.

Square countersunk magnet fixed photo frame

Magnet fixing method – countersunk holes

In some applications, the magnets are also fixed by countersinking, such as wardrobes, wooden cabinets and other scenarios. The types of countersunk magnets also have various shapes to choose from, such as square, round, fan-shaped, tile-shaped, etc. .

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Magnet fixing method – back 3M glue

This is also a kind of fixed magnet, learn more about 3M adhesive magnet material and use introduction.

The above are the 3 ways to fix the magnet. You can choose the appropriate fixing method according to the use environment of the magnet.

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