What are the mysterious rare earth elements used to detect stealth fighter aircraft?

From microwave communications to radar detection, the production of high-tech weaponry cannot be separated from the support of rare earths. The United States shows that rare earths are crucial for the development of new energy technologies. The T/R launch module of the Aegis Radar and the stealth paint of the F-35 fighter rely on the quality of rare earth elements. China’s J-20 fighters and quantum satellites are also inseparable from the support of rare earth materials. In view of the over-exploitation of rare earths in the country, which led to the government’s inability to control prices, China has upgraded the rare earth problem to an important level. mysterious rare earth elements

China’s rare earth reserves account for about 49% of the world’s total reserves, and its annual production share has reached a staggering 97%. Due to the huge output and low prices, many foreign rare earth mines are bankrupt and closed. This has led to even countries like the United States, China’s rare earth exports and rare earth policy is also very important, China is not the king of rare earth. The United States was once one of the world leaders in the production and innovation of rare earths. mysterious rare earth elements

mysterious rare earth elements used to detect stealth fighter aircraft

mysterious rare earth elements used to detect stealth fighter aircraft

According to a November 2010 report, rare earth mines located near the border of the California-Nevada border once accounted for 100% of US domestic demand and accounted for one-third of global rare earth exports, but they still could not prevent the rise of rare earth production in China. The resulting collapse. As the great man said in 1992, “there is oil in the Middle East; there is rare earth in our country.” Although the United States has always voiced that it will ensure that the United States will not be affected by China’s rare earth policy by reactivating local rare earth mines, it has in fact been without any substance. mysterious rare earth elements

The value of rare earths is that many of these important elements have not yet found the same type of rare elements that can be substituted. Europium is certified as the only red phosphor for aircraft avionics displays, and enamel also dominates the colored glass polishing industry. Almost all polishing products are very much in this rare element. In addition, rare earth cesium is also used to make permanent magnets. Permanent magnets make it possible to miniaturize radar detection equipment. Even DVDs and battlefield IPODs rely heavily on permanent magnets to function properly.

The military value of rare earth lies in its absorbing characteristics. Good radar panel materials need to have good penetration in the face of electromagnetic wave reflection. Any reflection of electromagnetic waves that may be caused during reception will affect the radar detection. Accuracy and sensitivity to key signals, while the rare earth cesium and rubidium not only have good penetrability when facing the wave reflection, but also have the function of amplifying the signal, which is very helpful to increase the radar’s field of vision and detection of the stealth target. It can also avoid clutter from its roots. mysterious rare earth elements

And, as the main component of the radar internal receiver, the helium can absorb the electromagnetic wave signal in the first time due to its good attenuation when receiving the electromagnetic wave, and rapidly attenuates and receives the next reflected signal without interference. The requirement for radar penetration and complete absorption of electromagnetic waves is academically called the contradiction between impedance matching and effective absorption, but rare metals can be most directly used in the case of using smaller rare elements and electromagnetic waves are added to the panel. At the same time as permeability, it is ensured that these signals can be effectively absorbed by the interior. This theory is widely used in various electromagnetic waves and 3D imaging technologies, and it is also a major reason why rare earth resources cannot be sold to foreign countries. mysterious rare earth elements