What is Arc Magnet ?

Introduction of Arc Magnet (Type Advantage Magnetic Pole)

Most of the magnets that many people see in life are round, ring, or square. There are fewer irregularities. In fact, magnets have the same properties as many products, and they can have many shapes, including arcs. Shapes, rhombuses, ellipses, bumps, trapezoids, etc. Today I’m talking about arc magnets.

A brief introduction to arc magnets;
Arc rare earth magnet

arc magnet

Arc magnets are also the magnetic tiles in our magnet manufacturers’ mouths. They are also called arch magnets. They are often used in the rotor and stator of motors. At present, most of the arc magnets used in the market are made of ferrite, neodymium iron boron, and samarium. cobalt.

What are the advantages of using arc magnets?
The main advantage of the arc magnet is its shape characteristics, the magnetic gap between the magnet and the stator is smaller, the torque is large, and the stability will be better.

Where are the poles of the arc magnet?
It has been introduced before, and you can click on the article “Which side is the N pole and S pole of a tile-shaped (arc) magnet”.

Can the arc magnet be customized according to our drawings or samples?
This is no problem at all, you can contact our website online customer service for specific quotation and production time.

Arc magnet sample column;
Rare earth neodymium arc magnet Arc Ferrite Magnet

Manganese Zinc Ferrite DS Cores

Manganese Zinc DS Type TDK Magnetic Core

DS Type Soft Ferrite MnZn Cores

Soft Mn-zn Ferrite RQ Cores

Soft Transformer Ferrite RP Cores

Sintered Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB)