What Is Magnet Fishing?

Magnet fishing involves using a large magnet attached to a rope to search bodies of water such as the ocean, lakes, rivers and canals to find magnetic treasures. The magnet is thrown into the water to see what lies underneath and become connected to the magnet. When the magnet has latched onto something the fisher simply pulls up the rope and discovers their treasure.

You will discover treasures such as lost and discarded jewellery, safes, lockboxes, bikes and antiques!

Magnet fishing has become an increasingly popular hobby among treasure hunters and adventure seekers ranging from 8 years old all the way up to fully grown adults that like to channel their inner child! The thrill of discovering lost treasure is great fun and when treasure is not found it is also a great feeling to know you are cleaning up the environment from any scrap metals.

Which magnets are best for magnet fishing?

Double sided magnets are best for magnet fishing. This is because they are magnetised on both sides which increases the chance of it latching onto treasure underwater. Double sided magnets are better because they drag easier across the ocean floor and are also less prone to becoming snagged which is a common problem with 360 magnets and single sided magnets.

What Is Magnet Fishing

What Is Magnet Fishing

Can you find jewellery magnet fishing?

Yes, you can! Any sort of jewellery that is ferromagnetic and made of steel, iron, nickel and cobalt will latch onto your fishing magnet! However, this does not exclude gold and silver jewellery, you’ll be amazed at the amount of stolen lockboxes & safes (that are made of steel) underwater. If you are lucky, you will haul one up full of jewellery, coins / money and other valuables!

How much are magnets for magnet fishing?

Magnets for magnet fishing range in price from cheap to expensive depending on how big the magnet is. Our range is from $59.95 for a kid’s magnet fishing kit to $349.95 for an expert magnet fishing kit. Overall, it is a relatively cheap hobby to get started in!

How to magnet fish?

Connect your rope to your giant magnet, throw it into the water, drag it around the bottom and pull it up when you have latched onto a magnetic treasure! It’s that easy!

Is magnet fishing legal or illegal in USA?

Magnet fishing is legal in USA. It is best practice to look up your local laws and regulations first though. Please be considerate and do not magnet fish on private property, conservation parks or other sanctuary zones without permission. If you discover any sort of weapons such as a knife or gun please report it to the police so that they can advise on the best course of action.

Is magnet fishing worth it?

Magnet fishing is absolutely worth it! In addition to having a great fun time outside with friends and family discovering valuable treasures that have been lost underwater, you will also collect scrap metal which you can cash in for money! Magnet fishing can be a self-funded hobby due to the things you can find!

What’s the best thing I can find magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing will uncover a plethora of hidden treasures including fully loaded safes, knives, guns, antiques, lockboxes, motorbikes, scooters, old coins and even some jewellery!

Can magnet fishing be a dangerous hobby?

Magnet fishing is not a very dangerous hobby but caution must be used as the user will be handling a very strong magnet. Hazards that can occur may include pinching hazards and pacemaker altercations. It is best for young children under the age of 8 not to partake in magnet fishing. For children aged 8 to 14 we have curated a specially designed magnet fishing kit for them that is much safer than other magnets.

Gloves are recommended to be worn whilst magnet fishing to protect against rope burn and potentially sharp / rusty metallic objects that the magnet may find!

What type of magnets and gear is needed for magnet fishing?

A neodymium pot magnet is needed for magnet fishing, meaning you can attach a rope to it! The other essentials needed are:

· Rope – 20 meters of length is recommended and ensure you get rope thick enough to be strong enough to suit your magnet.

· Heavy Duty Case – To protect you magnet from damage but to also ensure it does not latch onto anything unwanted such as your car!

· Gloves – They will help protect you from pinching hazards and any cuts from sharp and rusty objects you find.

· Carabiners x2 – A carabiner is a metal latch that will easily connect your rope to your magnet. A second carabiner is recommended so you can easily tie off you magnet to a pole or tree so you don’t lose your rope in the water.

· An awesome attitude! – Your heart will miss a beat when you pull in your first safe and discover whether it is full of valuables or not!!

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