What is Magnetic

You still remember that when you were a kid, you removed the audio at home and picked up a large piece of magnet from it. You were excited to hold the magnet to suck various iron products. Anything that could be magnetized was spared. During this period, a profound truth was produced in our minds. Only iron can be magnetized. The school teacher also considers that our cognitive level at that time also taught us. But what we want to discuss today is that everything is magnetic, which will subvert your cognition. You can also show your child’s magnetic charm through a small experiment in the text. Let us start!

For ancient times, magnetic power was magic. Today, we finally understand why some materials can better attract other materials. When I used to work in a coal mine, I often heard the old electrician of the Mechanical and Electrical Team said that it was smooth: magnetic electricity, electromagnetic, electromagnetic induction motor transfer! This sentence explains the symbiotic relationship of electromagnetic.

What is Magnetic

We know that all substances are composed of atoms, and electrons with constant nuclear movements inside the atoms. Each electrons have a charge. When the charge is moving, it generates a magnetic field around. The power generated by the current of magnetic force is defined as the current caused by moving electrons. Magnetic is the attribute of space, and it has the ability to perceive magnetic power. This phenomenon can be seen by observing the attractiveness and exclusion between magnets and magnetic materials.

Q1, let’s simplify first

All objects have electrons inside. We call the charge of electrons the basic charge because all the charge is made up of them. The value of the basic charge is: 1.60217662 × 10^-19 Kuron.
The current is a charge flow. When the charge moves, we call it current.
As long as the charge moves, it will generate a magnetic field around.

Q2. Now, let’s complicate things

Electronics not only wounds nuclear movements on the orbit, but also self -called spin on the axis while moving. Most of the electrons in the atoms exist, and these pairs of electrons spin themselves in the opposite direction. The magnetic effect of a pair of electrons offsets the magnetic effect of its partner electrons. When an atom has an unpaclatic electrons, such as the iron has 4 unprecedented pairs of electrons, these electrons will produce a magnetic field that arranges each other, so that the entire atom becomes a small magnet.

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