What Types of Welding Magnets Do You Need?

Welding Magnets types – If you’ve watched a welder at work, chances are you seen him use a welding magnet. Welding magnets are very strong magnets that make great welding tools. They can stick to any metal surface and can hold objects at 45-, 90- and 135-degree angles. Welding magnets contain either Alnico, neodymium (NdFeB) or samarium-cobalt (SmCo) magnets, guaranteeing you will be working with a magnet that’s strong enough to meet the demands of any application.

Welding magnets make welding projects go smoother because they allow a workman to free his hands to safely work on his project. Welding magnets also allows quick setup and accurate holding. There are different types of welding magnets.

What Types of Welding Magnets

What Types of Welding Magnets

Welding Magnets with Switch

Welding Magnets With Switches are just as their name implies–they are welding magnets with an ON/OFF switch. This means you can literally “turn off” their magnetism and won’t have to worry about the magnet sticking to your work bench or attracting other tools in your work box when you’re packing it away or rummaging through it to find other tools you need. These types of welding magnets can hold work pieces at 45- and 90-degree angles. You simply leave it on “OFF” until you’re ready to work, then just turn the magnet to “ON” when you begin working.

Multi-Angle Welding Magnets

Multi-Angle Welding Magnets are ideal for assembly, marking off, pipe installation, soldering and welding. They are strong enough to hold work pieces at 45- 90- and 135-degree angles and can attract to any ferrous metal surface.

Arrow Welding Magnets

Arrow Welding Magnets and Arrow Welding Magnets with Holes are also strong magnets that attract to any ferrous metal surface and can hold work pieces at 45-, 90- and 135-degree angles. They are commonly used for pipe installations, welding, assembly marketing off and welding projects.

Adjustable Welding Magnets

Adjustable Angle Welding Magnets can swivel a full 360 degrees, allowing them to hold metal at any angle. Each of the two magnets has a holding capacity of 50 lbs. Adjustable Angle Welding Magnets are ideal for welding and assembly applications.

Adjustable Link Welding Clamps are used to hold steel plates in position during brazing, welding or other high-heat applications. They are good to use in work areas with limited space. The dual magnetic blocks provide a combined 50 lbs of clamping power that remains strong even in high temperatures.

Magnetic Welding Clamps

Heavy Duty Adjustable Clamps are used for welding, fabrication and assembly of large components. This type of welding magnet has two magnetic arms on a pivot, which can be securely set at any angle from 45 to 90 degrees. The unit also has incremental markings every 15 degrees for ease of positioning, as well as a non-magnetic casing that minimizes stray magnetic fields and reduces the possibility of attracting weld spatter.

The 90° Fixed Magnetic Welding Clamp is commonly used to fix inside square corners of various magnetic material before welding. These welding magnetic tools are very strong and attract to any ferrous metal surface.

If you need a high-performance welding magnet for your project or application, we here at MPCO Magnetics are confident we have a welding magnet that will meet your expectations.

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