Where can I Find Neodymium Magnets

Find neodymium magnets at the store

If you need a single product or a small batch of neodymium magnets, you don’t know how to get these things? When you need a single magnet and don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy the amount of products you don’t need, a small offline store may be your best choice. Compared to online shopping, you can buy it at a lower price in a shorter time. Find the number of neodymium magnets you need. It may be difficult to find neodymium magnets in general stores because they may pose safety hazards and health threats to children and people who wear pacemakers. Then you can go to the corresponding store to buy products with neodymium magnets according to the scene you want to use.

A single small neodymium iron boron hardware door store can be found, generally for example, it is used in screen magnetic fasteners, also called screen magnetic nails, which are round or long. But many of them are low-priced ferrite magnets and need to be screened.

You might say that I only need a small magnet. I don’t want to spend so much time on purchasing and waiting for delivery. It’s not unwilling to find it in my own home. Nowadays, almost all electronic products are inseparable from magnets, and the application of magnetism also greatly facilitates our lives. Where can you find neodymium magnets at home?

Find neodymium magnets at home

Old audio equipment, there is a magnet in the speaker position, you can find it in the speaker position for all products that contain speaker equipment;

Where can I Find Neodymium Magnets

Where can I Find Neodymium Magnets

audio speaker

The small motors in dry battery toys are all DC motors with permanent magnets inside. You can find magnets here;

Magnetic clasps for old bags;

magnetic clasps

Plastic stationery boxes are usually closed with small magnets to close the lid;

Used microwave ovens, microwaves use a magnetron composed of magnets to generate electron waves to heat food;

Small electrical machinery, such as the swing fan electricity on the air conditioner, etc.;

With adsorption function, door stopper, refrigerator magnet, corner holder, etc.;

Magnetic Pushpins

Many electronic products have small magnets, such as computers, earphones, microphones, including some lights that require ballasts or need to be attached to the ceiling of the room, all contain small magnets.

Find neodymium magnets online

More neodymium magnets can be purchased online, available on almost all online shopping platforms. Take a moment to screen, place an order for purchase, and wait for delivery at home. Especially for high demand, online purchases are more economical.

Custom shaped neodymium magnets by neodymium magnets factory

If you are a trader with a large demand and need to find a better neodymium magnet, then you can search online to find an excellent neodymium magnet manufacturer and make an inquiry and purchase. For special products and custom shaped neodymium magnets, the best choice is to find a cost-effective magnet manufacturer. Only the neodymium magnet factory can provide you with your custom shaped neodymium magnets needs.

We hope to help you find the answer through our answers. If you need to customize shaped neodymium magnets or buy neodymium magnets in bulk, please contact us.

Neodymium magnets have high performance, can be small in size and have strong magnetism. There are many types of magnetization directions and shapes to choose from.

Neodymium Arc Magnet Neodymium Arc MagnetCustomized MagnetCustomized Magnet

Radially Magnetized Ring Magnet

Bonded Ring Neodymium Magnet

Arc Neodymium Magnet

Round Disk Refrigerator Ferrite Magnet 15 x 10mm Y35

Anisotropic Cylindrical Bar Ceramic Magnet C8

C8 Anisotropic Ceramic Cylinder Rod Bar Magnet Not Plated

Custom Printed Logo Plastic Coated Clip Magnets for Running Race Number

C1 Ceramic Bar Cylindrical Magnet for Medical Devices, Sensors, Electronics

Hard Ferrite Cylindrical Magnet Bar Y30BH 4mm x 5mm

Round Ball Sphere Ferrite Bead Magnets in Magnetic Jewellery Handicrafts

Ferrite Magnetic Bead Cylinder 5mm x 8mm w/ 2mm Hole