Bar Magnet Heating Will Lose Magnetism, Why Does High-temperature Liquefied Iron Nucleus Produce a Huge Magnetic Field?

The atoms in the magnet are arranged neatly in accordance with certain rules, which is why magnets have magnetic reasons. When heating the magnet, the arrangement of the atom is disrupted and the magnetic is reduced. When heating to 770 ° C, the magnet loses magneticity.

Why Does High-temperature Liquefied Iron Nucleus Produce a Huge Magnetic Field

Why Does High-temperature Liquefied Iron Nucleus Produce a Huge Magnetic Field?

The temperature of the nucleus is very high, so that the iron nucleus is in a liquid state, but it produces a powerful magnetic field to protect Earth creatures. The magnetic heating of magnets loses magneticity, but the ground core high fever has a magnetic field, which seems to be contradictory. At present, there are many theories that answer this question. What is generally recognized is the theory of generator, that is, a continuous magnetic field is generated like a generator. The ground nucleus is composed of kernel and external nuclear. The external nuclear temperature is high and is liquid, but the kernel pressure is very high and it is solid. Due to the rotation of the earth, high -temperature iron water (conductive material) in the foreign nucleus also flows. In the process, the current generates an current due to magnetic induction, which generates a weak magnetic field. The current and fluid movement interact with the fluid to enhance the magnetic field, which will produce a stronger and continuous magnetic field. Unless the foreign fluid movement stops, the nucleus will not stop generating a magnetic field.

Simply put, the high -temperature iron water in the ground nucleus will not directly generate magnetic fields, but the current generates the current, and then generates the electromagnetic effect, and eventually produces a strong magnetic field of the nucleus.

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