Wind Power Magnets

To that end we have developed a line of permanent magnets exclusively for direct drive, wind power turbine generators.

We have produced this grade of material for use in DD PMG’s (Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generators) for small and large size wind turbines from 25 kW to 2.3 MW. DD PMG’s used in wind turbines offer the advantages of reduced size, weight and manufacturing costs of the generator without compromising efficiency. Reducing the footprint along with mass of the generator can, in turn, reduce the size and weight of other wind turbine components and hence the overall manufacturing cost. Over time, with fewer components, DD PMG wind turbines are also less likely to experience generator malfunction, gearbox failure, costly repair and lost productivity.

Wind Power Magnets

Wind Power Magnets

Our Neo H / SH Grade optimizes the various magnetic properties to minimize cogging, Ripple Torque, and total breakaway Torque. Total magnet performance loss is less than 0.5% when the magnets are cycled to 90°C. In addition, our Neo H / SH Grade NdFeB magnets are designed to run at temperatures as high as 150°C, and in critical situations of an emergency shutdown, or a short circuit at the machine terminals, their enhanced magnetic properties increase flux density survivability.

MPCO Magnetics offers Neo H / SH Grade NdFeB magnets with energy products up to 48 MGOe and maximum operating temperatures of 150°C. Rectangular parts may be manufactured up to 150 mm long x 101 mm wide x 38 mm thick, with tolerances as tight as ±0.13 mm. Laminated and non-laminated flux concentrators are available as a complete assembly. Other Neo H / SH Grades offering higher operating temperatures, are available in slightly smaller overall sizes. In addition, various geometries are available including arc and breadloaf shapes.

MATERIAL GRADE Br (kG) Hc (kOe) Hci (kOe) BHmax (MGOe) Working Temp °C
N42H 13.0 – 13.3 Enhanced normal coercivity, Contact us for details. ≥17.0 40.0 – 42.0 ≤120
N45H 13.3 – 13.7 43.0 – 45.0
N48H 13.6 – 14.2 45.0 – 48.0
N42SH 13.0 – 13.3 ≥20 40.0 – 42.0 ≤150
N45SH 13.3 – 13.7 43.0 – 45.0

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