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Ferrite Bonded Injection Magnets

Ferrite Plastic Magnet has the features of low magnetic proprty and lower cost.
·Anisotropy Ferrite

Magnetizing while the process of injection molding, it can greatly improve the product’s magnetic energy produce and could make (BH) reach to 1.60 MGOe –2.20 MGOe. It is a high ratio of performance materials, mostly used as a motor rotor.

bonded injection magnets

bonded injection magnets

· Because of the toughness of the resin, it is not easy to be chipped and cracked.
· Injection molding formation together with embedded parts such as a shaft is available, reducing assembly process.
· Easy to make a complex shape, with higher degree of design freedom.
· As cutting process is easy, it is convenient to make samples in design stage.

NdFeB Bonded Injection Magnets

NdFeB Plastic Magnet is a material with high cost performance. After mixed with different ratio of magnetic powder and resin, its magnetic energy produce (BH) could achieve 2.0—8.0MGOe and mostly used in precision motors and sensors field.

· High precision, suitable for all kinds of precision components.
· High magnetic property can make the magnetic components to be lightweight and miniaturization.
· Easy to be magnetizing with Multiple poles
· Can be injection molding formation together with embedded parts such as a shaft, reducing assembly process.
· Easy to make a complex shape, has a very high design freedom.
· Material cost is higher, but has advantage in tiny magnets production.

SmCo Bonded Injection Magnets
SmCo Plastic Magnet is a material with small temperature coefficient and best magnetic properties in high temperature. Mostly used in thermostability motor or precision sensor and the working temperature can be reached to 150 C°–220 C°.

· Max. magnetic energy produce of anisotropy SmCo plastic magnet can be reached to 8.0 MOe and the cost is relatively high.

SmFeN Bonded Injection Magnets

· A new type of bonded permanent magnet material.
· The maximum magnetic energy produce of anisotropy SmFeN plastic magnet can be reached to 16MGOe, however it is the most expensive material.


Material Classification

Magnetic Powder Maximum Energy Produce(MGOe) Br Thermal Coefficient Working Temperature(℃) Oxidation Price
Ferrite 1.5-2.2 -0.19 120 Non Low
NdFeB 3.0-8.0 -0.1 120 Slight Middle
SmCo 5.0-8.0 -0.035 180 Non High
SmFeN 8.0-16.0 -0.07 120 Slight High
Resin Water
Heat Deflection Temperature(℃)
PA6 0.15 169
PA12 0.04 121
PPS 0.01 217


Application Classification

Precise ring magnet for micro motor
used for automobile gauges motor, timekeeper motor,cooling fan micro motor. Product characteristics: High dimensional accuracy, small concentricity and multipole magnetizing.

Plastic injection magnet rotor assembly
suitable for automotive gauges.
Product characteristics: Simultaneous incorporating shaft, high requirements for radial run-out.

Magnet ring for motor
suitable for stepper motor and synchronous motors.
Product characteristics:multipoles radial magnetization, better assembly strength.

Special-shaped magnets
suitable for all kinds of sensors of automobile and motorcycle.
Product characteristics: complex shapes,one body molded with metal sheet, copper bush, shaft and other inserts, multipole or angular magnetizing.

Magnetizing Direction

Magnetizing Direction of bonded injection magnets

Magnetizing Direction of bonded injection magnets

Process Flow Diagram

Plastic magnet is different from the traditional magnetic craft which made by mixing the magnetic particle with plastic medium, mixed and heated by the injection machine and then rip the mixture into the mould to get different shapes of production, this kind of process makes the plastic magnetic has some unique advantages:
·The precise magnet with complex shape can be made very easily.
·During the subsequent assembly and use the magnet is hard to crack.
·It can form in one piece with inlaid element easily.

Therefore the inject magnets are usually used for some peculiar requirements and the situation which other skills can not be very competent.

At the present time, the main kinds of magnetic particle used in the Plastic Magnet material: Ferrite, Neodymium-Iron-Boron, Samarium-Cobalt and SmFeN. The plastic magnet media include Nylon 6 Nylon12 and PPS clients can order their requirements of performance cost and use occasion to make decisions.

We can also base on the operating requirements to give our clients an optimal performance recommendation.

For the anisotropic magnetic powder, we orientate the magnetic field when during the injection process this can greatly enhance the magnetic property and improve the performance price . Such kind of technic has a high technical requirement to the mixture and mould so it can completely represent the highest technical merit in the plastic Magnet manufacturing engineering area.

About MPCO in bonded injection magnets

MPCO is a factory highly specialized in manufacturing plastic magnetic materials and components, has over 15 years experiece.

Every year, more than 10 million autos are using of our products that covering with ordinary cars to luxury cars. Most products are used in automotive instrument, motor and sensors. Still, our products are also widely used for instrument motor, synchronous dynamo, direct current machine and precision motor etc.

We always strive to achieve to be the best magnetic enterprise by providing high quality magnet product.
We also pay attention to the harmony between human and nature in production activities, assuming social resposibility.
The cooperation between us normally begin with a drawing or a sample. Our professional working team will maximally understand the requirement of the clients, and would like to offer the recommendation and best performance solution.