Bonded Magnets Application


For a more flexible alternative to sintered neodymium, consider using bonded neodymium magnets for your application. Bonded neodymium powder is used to create these magnets. Powder is melted and mixed with a polymer. Components are then pressed or extruded to create the product. Bonded Neodymium magnets can be magnetized into complex patterns with multiple poles. Though much weaker than Sintered Neodymium magnets, Bonded neodymium magnets give greater flexibility in terms of shapes that can be made. They are also lighter than Samarium Cobalt, and have a lower acceptable temperature (coercivity). Nevertheless, they offer excellent value for applications that require a smaller magnet or utilize radial rings.

Applications include automotive, home, power tools, as well as electronic industries.

Bonded Magnets Application

Bonded Magnets Application


Traditionally, multi-pole sintered Neo ring magnets were created using multiple arc magnets glued to the assembly. While spinning, it was not uncommon for the adhesive material to loosen and the magnet would dislodge itself. Also, the requirements for accuracy between all of the magnets in the ring shape required the exact same physical and magnetic properties – thus many magnets would fail because of the lack of homogeneity.

A better way is to create circular magnets with uniform poles. By creating just one single magnet specifically designed for your application, we are able to provide your company a product that is stronger, more reliable, and more efficient. The magnets are multi-pole – which does not compromise the magnetic properties. Contact your Yunsheng sales representative to learn more about how this technology may help your company today!

Stepper motors
Magnetic bearings
Steering control motors
Magnetic clutch
Peripheral motors
Spindle motors

Ferrite Bonded Magnet Compound for Injection Molded

Ferrite Bonded Magnet Compound for Injection Molding FBM series is the magnetic material which can be molded by injection molding as same as plastic.
This is the material for injection molding which is kneaded with thermoplastic resins (PA12, PA6, PPS or others) and complex shape, muliplepole magnetization and radial magnetization are availablr.

This means that you can produce magnets if you have injection molding machine and molding tooling.
Also, you can produce strong and complex magnetic force by magnetic field molding. we have wide range of grade with wide variety of magnetic performance suitable for your application. Please feel free to consult us. We will support you how to use materials.

Automotive (Radiator Pump), Motors

Neodymium bonded magnet compound for Injection Molding

Thanks to several times stronger magnetic force comparing with ferrite bonded magnet, it contributes to make smaller and lighter.

(Super) Compact Motor, Actuator, Compact Sensor

Anisotropic Neodymium bonded magnet compound for Injection Molding

Anisotropic Neodymium bonded magnet compound materializes such high magnetic force level that conventional bonded magnet can’t. It achieves BHmax 17 MGOe and it can replace some of sintered products.


Samarium Cobalt bonded magnet compound for Injection Molding

It is suitable for such application as to be used under high temperature environment or that temperature stability is required because it is strong against thermal demagnetization and has less variation of magnetic force against temperature.

Electronics components for reflow. Sensor.

Hybrid bonded magnet compound

Hybrid bonded magnet compound kneaded neodymium and ferrite materializes the same level of magnetic forces as ferrite sintered magnet (3-5 MGOe) at reasonable cost.

Motor, Sensor.