MPCO Capabilities


MPCO manufactures in excess of 80 million magnets, magnetic assemblies and magnetic components annually.

Using our proprietary (ultra-high density) powder metal process, we can manufacture very efficient net shape parts that give similar magnetic and mechanical performance to those made via MIM (metal injection moulding),  machining, or cold forming.

Our ability to form quite complex shapes from powder and our expertise in efficient, high speed grinding, machining and deburring operations often gives us a commercial advantage.

Zero Defect Manufacturing

The MPCO process is a specialised form of powder metallurgy that achieves ultra-high density. This means that finished components exhibit similar (in some cases better) mechanical and magnetic properties to those made from wrought materials or MIM.

Achieving zero defect manufacturing

Depending on the application, materials can be tailored to suit the exact performance requirements. Samples in the various grades can be easily and quickly machined from blanks of material, and provide a close representation of the performance one would see from a finished, tooled part.

Holes, flow grooves and other features can often be incorporated at very little cost during the pressing of the powder compact. Modern, high throughput secondary operations, including CNC machining, fine grinding and deburring are employed to achieve the demanding standards of today’s designs.

Specialised magnetic testing of components is an essential part of the process, and ensures batch to batch consistency of finished product. MPCO performs this on an audit basis or 100%, depending on customer requirements.

Through innovative materials and specialised production methods, MPCO gives clients a genuine opportunity to improve application performance while offering outstanding value, zero defect manufacturing quality and first class technical support at all stages of the product.

Sintered NdFeB

sintered ndfebMPCO’s Sintered NdFeB magnets, comprised primarily of iron, boron, and rare earth elements (principally neodymium), are the worlds strongest and highest-performance magnets. MPCO has made possible smaller and more advanced electronic devices than everbefore.

The company was a pioneer in the field of magnet technology. and has continuously met industry’s needs for advanced materials and technology, including reliable surface processing techniques.

Bonded NdFeB

MPCO has the ability to produce compression bonded NdfeB magnets that exhibit the very best magnetic and mechanical properties.

We can achieve densities well beyond the industry norm and this helps our customers achieve the very best performance and durability in high technology motor and other applications. In some cases this has allowed clients to replace the more expensive sintered NdFeB permanent magnets.Injection Moulding NdFeB and Ferrite

MPCO is also on the forefront of application development for injection moulded isotropic and anisotropic permanent magnets.

Currently our production quantities for these types of component are in excess of 10 million parts annually.

Injection Moulding NdFeB and Ferrite

At MPCO we have developed world class expertise in high volume, injection moulded magnetic components. Whether you are developing an injection moulded permanent magnet or an over-moulded magnetic assembly, MPCO can offer a magnetic solution.

In addition MPCO has developed strong expertise in the manufacture of Sintered NdFeB magnets, high density compression bonded NdFeB permanent magnets, injection moulded bonded NdFeb magnets, ferrite, smco, alnico and fecrco.

As a manufacturer of magnetic materials and components for more than 20 years we have developed world leading expertise in magnetic qualification of components.

We consider the development of prototypes and full physical and magnetic specifications for components an essential core competence, and our engineers are always available to discuss your requirements.

magnetic assemblies and magnetic components

Magnetic Simulation

MPCO Magnetics Inc. is principally a magnetics company. To support our customers with important decisions early in the product development cycle we offer a range of magnetic modelling tools. This can help our customers determine the best magnetic material choice and assess the influence of geometry changes and component volume.

Once initial concepts are formed, MPCO Magnetics Inc. can produce fast prototypes for initial product testing. Often these samples provide a very close representation of the performance a customer would see from a finished production part.

Overall, MPCO Magnetics Inc. aims to provide every possible advantage to engineers wishing to define or improve the performance of a specific device.

Please see our range of magnetic materials and magnetic assemblies or contact us for more information.