Technology & Quality

Raw Material Management

To guarantee the raw material is stable and reliable in quality, all the magnetic powder and resin material are purchased from domestic and overseas famous supplier. Respectively in the link of entering into factory, granulating, compression bonded and injection molding, we make the testing and tracking for magnetic property and other indexes of material. Especially for different grade of resin granules, we shall produce in a fixing machine and position through all links of production, in order to avoid mixing up and cross contamination.

Bonded & Injection Technology

Injection molding is a key process of plastic magnet production. Additionally, it may not only effect on the size and appearance of product but also could concern mechanical strength and magnetic property. Especially for anisotropic orientation magnets, injection molding link will effect on the product whether could get saturation magnetic property and lower value in magnetic filed poles range. But confidently to say, we have rich experience in this field and rely on over ten years experience accumulation, we redesign and adjusted screw structure of injection molding machine, improving uniformity in plasticizing of the magnetic powder and resin material, promoting stable in injection technology to support plastic magnet production.

Magnetic Technology & Quality

Magnetic Technology & Quality

Mold Making

As we have a complete range of manufacturing equipments, therefore every year our molding engineers could be able to submit scores of high quality mould to our production department. Therefore it guarantees no matter what in the stage of sample testing or mass production, we both could ensure the efficiency and quality. Especially for high precision, complex shape product and orientation mold, we have much experience in molding design and manufacturing.

Magnetizing Technology

Could be according to customer’s requirement to make radially, axially, diameter oriented magnetized etc. and even for magnetic filed wave, we also could control in the type of sine wave, square wave and dual hump wave etc.
We have prefect craft guarantee in controlling lower value on magnetic field poles range and keeping consistency in magnetic filed.

Quality Guarantee

Fully understand and try the best to satisfy our clients’ demands, for instance, safety, assemble requirement, key size, stability and consistency of magnetic filed, special characteristic etc. We always focus on standardization management throughout the whole manufacturing process to guarantee a constant quality no matter produce 100 or 100,000 products. Except for providing basic specification and magnetic filed testing report, we also could offer material composition, demagnetizing curve, pull-out force and crashing force, high and low temperature test, magnetic filed waveform distribution, salt spray testing, hardness testing and metallographic micrograph testing report etc.

Quallity Certification

ISO9001:2000 Quality system certification was obtained in March 2007.
ISO9001:2008 Quality system certification was obtained in May 2011.
ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality system certification was obtained in June 2014.