Advanced FEA Capabilities in Magnetic Field Analysis and Design

FEA Magnetic Design applies advanced simulations to model and optimize magnetic systems. This process aids in predicting magnetic field behavior, streamlining design, reducing costs, enhancing performance, and accelerating product development across various sectors.

Proficient in FEA and Magnetic Design

MPCO’s expertise in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and simulations are instrumental in magnetic design. Our cutting-edge software, coupled with the wisdom of seasoned magnetics engineers, allows us to view all components and magnetics in detail, saving valuable resources such as time, money, and efforts in design work.

FEA Capabilities in Magnetic Field Analysis and Design

Proven Track Record in Engineering Projects

Our rich history at MPCO demonstrates a knack for tackling complex engineering projects across numerous sectors. By leveraging Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and magnetic simulations, we have expedited the design process, delivering reliable solutions tailored to our customer needs.

In the electric vehicle industry, we’ve optimized magnetic field interactions to improve motor performance. We’ve enhanced drone stability by simulating magnetic fields in high-speed rotors. In industrial settings, we’ve refined magnetic levitation systems for transportation and automation applications and designed efficient magnetic coupling systems for medical implants. Lastly, in scientific research, we’ve utilized FEA to mitigate interference in high-precision instruments through magnetic shielding and to predict the performance of energy-efficient magnetic refrigeration systems.

Expertise in Complex Tasks

Our extensive portfolio also includes complex tasks such as selecting the appropriate magnetic materials for mobility devices, determining the magnetic shunt material for consumer electronics, and outlining the demagnetization effects of surrounding materials on Neodymium magnets in high-speed dental devices.

Understanding of Magnetic Circuits and Assemblies

At MPCO, we understand that magnetic circuits and assemblies demand the right blend of permanent magnets, steel, electronics, environment, temperature, and positioning to deliver the desired results. Our expertise, borne out of countless successful customer engagements, allows us to provide magnetic simulations that align perfectly with product expectations.

Close Collaboration with MPCO Customers

Our adept engineering team works closely with our customers, acting as an in-house magnet technology resource, skillfully using 2D and 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to solve the most challenging engineering puzzles. Our profound knowledge of magnetic materials, married with years of practical magnet and magnet assembly experience, empowers us to deliver innovative solutions, ensuring precise magnetic requirements are met.

Benefits of Choosing MPCO’s FEA

Choosing MPCO for your FEA needs guarantees a host of benefits, including cost-effective prototype development, faster prototyping solutions, and improved design optimization. By leveraging our FEA services, a wider array of design alternatives can be explored, thereby enhancing quality, product life, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. Reach out to us today to understand how MPCO’s FEA capabilities can help you cut costs and accelerate your time to market.